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Country Background
A Honduran constitutional assembly was elected in
1980, and general elections were held in 1982.
President Roberto Suazo Córdova of the Liberal
Party came to power. Trough extensive aid and
cooperative efforts, Honduras joined with the United
States to combat economic recession and the
political instability of its Central American neighbors.
Peaceful elections have continued since that time.
Spanish is the official language, although several
Indian dialects are also spoken in more remote areas.
The Roman Catholic church has a strong cultural
influence in Honduras, with 85 percent of the population
following its teachings.
The population of Honduras is about 5 million. The
ethnic makeup is 90 percent mestizo ( a mixture of
Indian and European heritage), 7 percent Indian, 2
percent black, and 1 percent white.
 The best time to visit Honduras is between
February and June. The rainy season lasts from May
to November, and December and August are popular
vacation times.
Meetings may take place at breakfast, lunch, or
dinner. Let your counterpart suggest the time.
Personal friendships are vital to business in
Latin Americans respect the value of individual
dignity and honor, regardless of social status or
A verbal “yes” may have been given out of
politeness and may not be considered binding.
 In their desire to please, Hondurans are likely to give
you the answer they think you want to hear. “Does the
market open at 8:00?” will probably be answered “yes”,
whether this is the truth or not, since this is the answer
they think you want to hear. Instead, phrase questions
so that they require more detailed answers, such as
“What time does the this market open?”.
 Remember avoid saying “no” in public while in
Honduras; always avoid embarrassing anyone. “Maybe”
or “we will see” generally means no.
Business Entertaining
The best times for business meeting are breakfast
and lunch, the main meal of the day.
Foreign businesswomen should never invite their
male counterpart to a business dinner unless
spouses also attend. For business lunches, eat at
your hotel and have the bill added to your tab;
otherwise the man will never let you pay.
Honduras is six hours behind
Greenwich Mean Time
(G. M. T. –6).
Men shake hands in greetings. Women often pat
each other in the right arm or shoulder instead of
shaking hands.
Do not be surprised to receive a limp handshake;
give the same in return.
At parties it is customary to greet and shake hands
with everyone in the room.
Several gestures are unique to this area. Placing a
finger below the eye indicates caution. A hand below the
elbow means that a person is stingy. “No” is indicated by
waving the index finger. Joining one’s hands together
shows strong approval.
Honduran men are warm and friendly and make a lot
of physical contact. They often touch shoulders, or hold
another's arm. To withdraw from such a contact is
considered insulting.
Business: Men should wear a conservative
business suit. Women should wear a skirt and
blouse or a dress. Honduran businessmen
commonly wear a guayabera, which is a
decorative shirt, rather than a shirt and tie.