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Why travel
We’re gaining a new
perspective on the world!
A little about myself and what we’ll
cover at this meeting
Why international experiences
are important
Global Education Video
To gain awareness of global
perspectives and connections
To align with school curricula and
bring subjects, places and events
to life
To develop the interpersonal
skills necessary to navigate new
experiences with confidence,
maturity and flexibility
To stand out on college
applications and
future resumes
Why EF?
EF’s lifetime of experience.
Our experience of a lifetime.
Worldwide presence
Trained and licensed local guides
24-hour emergency on-call service
Insurance Coverage Plan
World Leader in International Education
Fully accredited, just like our school
Full-time bilingual Tour Director by our side
Educational itineraries based on almost 50
years of experience
Lowest prices. Best value.
Fully immersive tours designed by
academic specialists—for the guaranteed
lowest prices
How does group travel work?
Group travel keeps tours affordable, allowing more students to
see the world.
 Combined groups get the best
 Tour choice and departure date
flexibility to match with other groups
 Meet other students from around
the country
 Tour date confirmed 70 days
before departure
Germany, France, and Spain
Let’s take a look at our itinerary!
What’s included?
All-Inclusive Coverage includes the following:
Illness and injury, baggage and property, flight delay, and tour cancellation
and interruption for unexpected situations.
For specific inquiries, please contact EF customer service at 800.665.5364.
What you are responsible for
Spending money for optional activities, souvenirs, beverages and snacks
($25-$50 per day)
Tips for your tour director, bus driver and local guides (around $10 per day)
Passport and/or visa fees
- required for all travelers
- needs to be valid for six months after your return
- some destinations may require travel visas
- non-US citizens may need additional documentation
These are all necessities each
traveler will be responsible for
on this tour.