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ZooAmerica is an appropriate field trip
site for children of many different age
levels. It benefits students because
they are able
-See live animals related to those talked
about in class
-Gain a better understanding of concepts in class
-Have a real life learning experiencesee how things are outside the class
room, and be able to ask
questions/make connections
Curriculum Connections
 While in the classroom children will be learning about
wild animals. This is a very good science/nature
lesson for Early Childhood children. There are many
activities that they can do to fit into other parts of the
curriculum and still fit into the same theme. There are
count the animal activities for the math skills, color
matching and recognition and countless other activities
the children can do.
 The focus of the field trip will be the animals learned
about in class. Children will be able to identify the
animals and gain a better understanding of the
concepts discussed such as habitat-they will be able to
see where the animals live.
Activities During The Trip
A coloring page of different animals
Question Page- tell about favorite part of trip
and something important they learned
Class discussion- sharing of papers, talking
about what they saw and how it connects to
activities done in class
Pictures from the site
How to get there:
 Directions
 map and website
 1: Start out going Northwest on S MARKET ST/PA230 toward MAYTOWN RD/PA-743.1.42 miles
 2: Turn RIGHT onto LINDEN AVE/PA-241/PA-743.
Continue to follow PA-743.7.80 miles
 3: Turn RIGHT onto HOMESTEAD RD.2.03 miles
 4: Turn LEFT onto E CHOCOLATE AVE/US-422
W.0.29 miles
 5: Turn RIGHT onto PARK AVE/PA-743.0.70 miles
 6: Turn RIGHT onto E HERSHEY PARK DR/PA743.0.42 miles
 Total Estimated Time:
Total Distance: 28
12.67 miles