How can we fund our toy library?

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Transcript How can we fund our toy library?

How can we fund our toy library?
Membership Fees
Toy Rentals
Local Service Groups
1: Budget
• Do a budget each year to
see what you expect your
income and expenditure to be
then ask yourself:
– How much money do you need?
– What is the money needed for?
– Can you achieve your objectives?
– Are there any alternatives?
2: Funding Calendar
• Note when your member subs are due
• Any fundraising events you are holding
• Grant close-off dates that you intend to apply to
• Grant accountability dates that need to be
adhered to
• Other events – eg TLAwareness week, children’s
day, local community galas, etc..
3 : Getting Started
• Appoint a Funding Officer to be
responsible for grant applications.
• At each meeting, they should report
– what applications are coming up,
– have committee make a decision on what will be
applied for from who,
– Grants that have been approved/declined
– Progress on successful grants
– Accountability done for successful grants
Funding Kit
• Every Funder has a list of criteria you must meet in order to receive any
funds. In addition to the application form, you will often need to provide:
– Annual Report
– Financial Statements
– Constitution
– Certificate of Incorporation
– Charities number
– Bank deposit slip
– Annual Budget
– Employment Contract & Job description
– Letters of Support
– Other supporting information – eg aims
& objectives & brief history of your toy
library, current committee members...
Letter of Support
• Sometimes people are unsure how to
write these so you may like to give them a suggested template:
To Whom It May Concern
I am writing in support of _______. I have worked with this
organisation for __years and they have proven that they are a
much needed service in the community. They provide _____
This organisation has assisted me with its services. They are
professional and courteous. The services they provide have
assisted my family with __________ I encourage you to
support this application because________
4: Finding funders
Ask around
Check with local council
Keep eye on newspapers
Fundview – usually free access through your public library
Pokie Machine outlets
• Lottery Community – requests that TLFNZ makes an
application on behalf of all toy libraries.
• TG McCarthy – requests that TLFNZ makes application on
behalf of individual toy libraries
5: Apply to the Right People
Where did similar projects get their funding?
Do you fit the criteria for this funder?
Are there application forms?
Can you speak to anyone?
Any strings attached?
Funders usually ask these questions
Does the application make sense?
Is the group reputable?
Does the project seem worthwhile?
How does the number of people to benefit
relate to the dollars requested?
• Is there community support for the project?
6: Prepare your Project
• What is the need for this project?
– How many will benefit from it? (eg # children/family)
– How will it benefit the community?
What are the expected outcomes?
How will the project be managed?
How will you monitor progress?
Expected time frame?
Project budget
– All costs associated with it, include admin, volunteer time
– How costs to be funded – volunteer time, toy library
contribution, amount funding requested & from whom
Eg Project Budget
Project: Construction Sets
10 sets
containers for sets
$ 200
$ 10
(photocopy instructions, issue cards...)
$ 84
(marking toys/entering into toy register... 6 hours @ $14)
Total Costs:
Paid for by:
volunteer labour (6 hours)
fundraising income from sausage sizzle
$ 194
Shortfall being applied for:
$ 84
$ 114
7. Application
• Take a copy & do a rough copy 1st
• Use a black pen, or type – must be legible
• Read the form making sure you understand what they
are asking for
• Complete all questions honestly
• Attach all requested documents
• Get someone to check the application
• Submit the application well before the closing date
• Remember to take a copy of the application and keep it
on file.
Suggested Resolution Format
Xxx Toy Library
To Whom It May Concern:
We resolve to apply to “name of funding organisation”for $amount to purchase xxxxx
as per our Minutes dated xx/xx/xxxx
Moved xxxxxxxx, seconded xxxxxxxxxxx
I certify that this is a true and accurate record.
Signed _________________
Name xxxxxxxxxx
Secretary xxx Toy Library
Date _______________
Not every application will be successful
If you are unsuccessful and not
sure why, ask yourself:
• Did you meet the criteria?
• Is there anything you could
improve on for future applications?
• Is it worthwhile trying again?
Contact the funder and ask them for feedback
– if you are consistently turned down, there is a
8: When you receive a Grant
• Acknowledge in your newsletter, facebook, page,
publicity in local paper....
• Invite to a special occasion, send a thank you
• Show separately in your annual accounts and
acknowledge in your annual report
• Ensure the money is spent on the purpose for
which it was granted.
• Complete accountability form and return as soon
as possible – and definitely before they are due!
9: Accountability Process
• Set up and maintain a spreadsheet to help
keep track of the project.
• Report on the project’s progress at each
committee meeting
• If it looks like there are genuine reasons for
not completing the project before the
deadline, notify the funder as soon as possible
to discuss possible extension – don’t assume it
will be okay!
10: Accountability Return
• The accountability process is as important as
the application process.
• In addition to the evidence that the grant
money has been spent (ie Copies of the invoices,
receipts, bank statements to show expenditure has occured)
you will often need to indicate how successful
your project has been.
Proving success of your project
Comments from members, public
Statistics – eg increased rentals, membership
Photos of the project
• If you have a form to complete - Answer each
section, and have someone check it for you.
• Ensure you submit it prior to the deadline, and
include all documentation they ask for.
• Include a copy of your public aknowledgement
of thanks (ie your newsletter/newspaper article)
• Keep a copy for your records