Basic Five Paragraph Essay (PowerPoint)

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Basic Five Paragraph Essay
Copy & Design: Verna Fisher
Here are some basic tips when writing
a five paragraph essay.
• Think of your essay as a math formula or
steps that need to be taken to get to the
finish line.
• These steps can be written in any order as
long as the essay flows when it is finished.
It should sound as though it follows an
order rather than just jumbled thoughts.
• All five paragraph essays have the
• An introduction
• Three body paragraphs
• A conclusion
Total paragraphs
_ 1__
The introduction
• The introduction should be the place to
start presenting your topic.
• Typically, the last sentence will also
include a thesis statement.
• A thesis statement is one sentence that
clearly tells the reader what your paper
will be about, and it often has a point to
Body paragraphs
• Think of three items dealing with your
topic that you’d like to discuss.
• The first item will be your first body
• Now, come up with two or three examples
that have to do with the item. Use details
to make the examples clear.
• Continue this pattern for the second and
third body paragraphs.
• The conclusion is the place to sum up your
essay and re-state your thesis statement
in different words.
• New information does not belong in the
Sample worksheet
(Feel free to print this out and fill in the blanks)
• Introduction with thesis statement
• 1st body paragraph
– Example 1
– Example 2
– Example 3
• 2nd body paragraph
– Example 1
– Example 2
– Example 3
• 3rd body paragraph
– Example 1
– Example 2
– Example 3
• Conclusion with re-stated thesis statement