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1. Students will review the course catalog
online and completely fill out all
registration forms.
2. Students will log into their Infinite
Campus account and register for the
classes listed on their registration form.
3. Students will meet with their counselor
to finalize their schedule and submit all
registration materials.
World History/Geography
US History
US/CO Government
Physical Education
Practical Arts
Fine Arts
SVVSD PE Waiver Policy
Students who maintain full-time student status (defined as a daily course
schedule with 7/8 classes per semester) during all four years of high school
and meet all other graduation requirements may waive an initial .5 physical
education credit by successfully completing the following criteria:
Two (2) St. Vrain Valley School District athletic programs at the varsity or
junior varsity level (two different sports; same sport two seasons); or
72 hours during one semester of an appropriate, pre-approved,
structured, and supervised activity outside of the school district.
Students with an advanced course schedule, including enrollment in multiple
academically rigorous courses, may also request .5 physical education credit
waiver when combined with one of the above criteria.
 See SVVSD Board Policy IKF-R for more details
1. IB Students must meet all SVVSD graduation requirements
with the exception of US/CO Government.
2. Additionally, IB students must complete an IB level 4 world
3. IB Students must complete at least three Higher Level
classes and three Standard Level classes.
4. IB Students must complete a Theory of Knowledge class
during the spring of their junior year AND the fall of their
senior year.
5. IB Students must also complete their Extended Essay, CAS
requirements and receive qualifying scores on their IB
• 4 years of English
• 4 years of College Prep Math
• 3 to 4 years of Science
• 3 to 4 years of Social Science
• 2 to 3 years of World Language
Every college has its own specific admissions requirements. Please
make sure to review admissions requirements at each school you are
considering. Some examples include speech, economics and visual /
performing arts.
Refer to the Junior Checklist (NHS Website) for
specific information to prepare for your senior
Review your transcript and complete your
credit check form to make sure you’re on track
for graduation. Meet with your counselor if
you have any questions or concerns about
credits or graduation.
If you have failed core classes- list them on
your registration sheet and your counselor will
advise you of your options for summer school
or credit recovery.
You can register for a maximum of two Time Release
Periods (TRP) per semester. TRP form required.
Look into CDC classes. If interested , complete the
CDC application and submit it with your registration
Consider registering for Elementary Tutor. If
interested, complete an application.
Work Study (.5 credit) may be an option if you have a
job and work an average of 15 hours per week. See
your counselor in the fall for a Work Study
Students planning on attending a 4 year college should be
enrolled in CP, AP or IB English as a senior. All other students
can take a combination of any two English electives.
Concurrent Enrollment – students can take up to two college
classes each semester at Front Range or CU. Attend the
Concurrent Enrollment meeting in April for more details.
Planning on playing college sports? Notify your counselor,
register with the NCAA Eligibility Center and make sure to
take classes that meet NCAA requirements. For example,
Mass Media and Intermediate Algebra are not approved
The AP Request form is on the back of the traditional Course
Selection Sheet. IB students should obtain a separate AP Form.
Students must complete the AP Request form and obtain all
necessary signatures to register for AP classes.
Listen to important announcements regarding AP entrance testing.
For example, the English Department requires a writing sample.
Additionally, some AP teachers require summer reading or
assignments. If you have questions about a specific class, ask the AP
teacher listed on the AP form.
Depending on student requests, some AP classes may not be offered
or may be limited to seniors only.
AP Calculus B/C and AP Biology are 1.5 credits, which will take up
three spots on your registration form.
AP Request forms must be submitted with all registration forms to
your counselor during your Registration Review Session.
Get initials
and AP
Parent Signature
HS Course Catalog (
•To search by course
•To search by subject
Check Form (IB or Traditional)
•12th Grade Course Selection Form / AP Request Form
•Online Registration Instruction sheet / Naviance Activities
•CDC Application
•Time Release Form
•Elementary Tutor Form
Label with name
and student ID
should be at the
top of your form.
Read these
Cougar, Colin
Enter the appropriate
English courses
Fill in all 16 course requests
Enter 8 alternate elective requests
Student and Parent signatures required
Log on to your Infinite Campus Account
Click on Course Registration: 15-16 Niwot High School
Your math teacher has
already entered the course
they recommend for you
next year. Questions?
See your math teacher!
As you select
courses, they will
show up in here.
Make sure you’ve
selected 16/16
Request your
alternates using
the same
Make sure you’ve
selected 8
alternate courses
in order of
Dropping a request
If you make a
mistake, drop the
incorrect course
by clicking on the
course and then
selecting “Drop
This Request”.
If you’d like a copy of
your requests, click
“Print Request
Summary” and keep for
your records
Make sure that you’ve selected 16/16 courses
and 8/8 alternate elective courses.
Math course requests have been entered by
your current math teacher.
Registration will be finalized after meeting with
your counselor during the Registration Review
• Every student will meet with their counselor to
finalize their registration and course requests.
• Students must bring ALL completed registration
forms to the Review Session with their counselor.
• Your registration will not be complete until you’ve
met with your counselor.
• Review Sessions for juniors will occur on February
9th, 10th and 12th during US/CO Government and
TOK classes.
• Students must complete their Naviance Activities
prior to their Review Sessions meeting.
The following materials MUST be brought to your Registration Review
Session with your counselor:
 Senior Course Selection Form / AP Course Request Form
The following materials MUST also be brought to your counselor if
AP Application for IB students
CDC Application
Elementary Tutor Application
Time Release Form
Text @Niwot2016 to 23559
You will receive a message, “To join Class of
2016 create your Celly username.”
Reply with your username, which will be your
last name followed by your full first name.
Example: FooteAmy
Hit send
See your counselor for more specific questions about
courses, graduation requirements, and college
admissions requirements.
Complete your Senior Registration form
Complete your online registration. If you
need computer access, come to the College
& Career Center
Complete your Naviance activities
Meet with your counselor and turn in all
required registration materials