IMPORTANT Senior Information

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Transcript IMPORTANT Senior Information

Topics for Discussion Today
• Important Dates for Senior Year
• Graduation Requirements
• A timeline for all post high-school plans
• Options for after graduation and how do
you get there
• Sending applications, letters of
recommendation & transcripts
• Financial Aid
Graduation Requirements
Total of 25 credits
4 credits of English - .5 cr of Composition or Writing for
Publishing, .5 cr of Eng 12 Lit, OR AP English 12
3 credits of Math – Algebra, Geometry, Algebra II
3 credits of Science - Biology, Chemistry, Physics
3.5 credits of Social Science - Government as a senior,
possibly Economics
1.5 credits of Phy Ed: PE 9, PE 10, elective in 11th or 12th
grade or PE Waiver exception
.5 Health
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Senior Planning Night for you and your
parent/guardian - September 10th
College Fairs – Oct. 6, 8, 9 & 10 (local) - check for more info
Deadline for Youth Options - October 1st
Financial Aid Information Night at
Waukesha North - December 3rd, 6:308:30 pm
Mandatory Graduation Rehearsal &
Senior Breakfast - June 5th, 8 a.m.
Baccalaureate - June 7th, 7:00 p.m. in
the West Auditorium
Graduation - June 13th, 2015 - 2:00 p.m.
in the Fieldhouse
Overall Timeline as a Senior
Apply to any type of school between September 1st and
January 1st - Technical College: October 1st , UW
System: September 1st are the earliest dates to apply.
Send transcripts at the time of application by going to
Send letters of recommendation, if necessary, at time of
Schedule campus tours for fall of 2014 if you have not
visited your top schools
Apply for financial aid at beginning
January 1st
Make final decisions by May 1st, send in deposit
Schedule and take placement tests in May-June
Attend on-campus registration in the summer of 2015
Cap and Gown information
• January 8th, Josten’s is in the auditorium to
distribute cap and gown information @ 9:1510:15.
January 14-15th, Josten’s will be collecting
orders for caps and gowns during lunches.
Minimum of $60.00 is due at ordering. If
order is $60.00 or less, payment in full is
Pick-up will be late April - TBD
For example:
Carpentry, Concrete
Electrician, Heating
and Air
Plumbing, Roofing,
Tool & Die
WCTC has apprenticeship options - look
under School of Applied Technologies
Do you have a connection at a
Do you have skills that employers are
looking for?
Waukesha County is looking for skilled
workers and employers are willing to
train you on the job
Where do you start? The Workforce
Development Center at WCTC is a
great place for resources.
See your counselor for an appointment
to discuss your options!
Recruiters are available for
every branch of the armed
services for the students at
Schedule of lunch hour visits
will be posted
Individual meetings can be set
up to take place in Student
Services or at your home
See your counselor to help
arrange a meeting and for
Consider ROTC or NROTC
programs vs enlisting
Be sure to watch for
program deadlines.
Applications can be
submitted October 1st
Application costs: $30
To learn more about
the UW system
schools, click the
above picture.
To apply, click here:
Applications can be
submitted from
September 1st on, and
the review of the
applications begins
The sooner you apply,
Take the ACT at
Deadline is
September 27th
for the October
26th test date
Milwaukee National College Fair
• Sunday September 28th
• Wisconsin Center Hall A
• 440 W. Wisconsin Ave
• Milwaukee, WI
• 53203
• Admission: Free
Students can register by Smartphone
No smart phone:
37 states represented, hundreds of colleges and many breakout
sessions available
To learn about each private
college, click on the above
picture, or use this link:
To apply to each private
college, you should go to
the school’s website.
Some of the private colleges
are on the Common
Application - Beloit, Carroll,
Marquette, Lawrence,
Northland, Ripon, St.
Go to the Common
Application at
Not sure where to start in your
college search process especially if you want to go out
of state?
How do you afford college?
Apply for financial aid through the
federal government starting on
January 1st, 2015
Average Costs Per Year
Technical College: $4000
Two Year College: $5000
Scholarships can help!
Keep watch on the West
Student Services
webpage for updates on
available scholarships.
Look on the individual
college financial aid page
for scholarships
Use a general scholarship
search engine like
4 year Public university: $18,000
4 year Private university: $35,000
Visit the Waukesha West website to browse both
national and local scholarships.
(formerly WISCareers)
CareerLocker is a comprehensive post-high school
planning site
College searches
Career searches
Assessments (interest, skills, values, study skills)
Job searches
ACT, SAT, ASVAB test prep
( student login:
user: knelson000 Pass: ID # 12345
Need to make an appointment with your