New Mac Users - Park City High School

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Transcript New Mac Users - Park City High School

New Mac Users
Quick how to for new
MAC users
Your Desktop
 When
you first log onto
the Mac computer, your
desktop will be blue, you
will see the MAC
hardrive and data
hardrive, and a bar
usually at the bottom of
the screen. This bar is
called the dock.
The Dock
The Dock holds icons that are
shortcuts to applications. You can
add and remove icons from the dock.
The Internet
can access the internet using
either Firefox
or Safari
explorer is not available on the
can access your email by using
Microsoft Office
will see the other icons for
Microsoft office on the dock. Excel,
Powerpoint, and Word.
You can change your desktop settings
by going to the
on the menu bar and selecting System
is similar to Windows Explorer.
It will show you where all of your “stuff” is.
Saving your documents
 Please
save your documents in the Documents
folder. Feel free to create subfolders in the
documents folder for organizational purposes.
Right Clicking with Macs
Mice do not have a right mouse
button. For those of you who want
this option, you can hold done the
Control key on the keyboard and then
click your mouse. You will then see a
drop down menu.
Ejecting a CD, DVD, or Thumb
DVD’s, and Thumb Drives show
up as icons on your desktop when
inserted into the computer. You will
need to drag the icon to your trash in
order to eject the item or you can
right click on the icon and choose
Searching for a document that
you created
can search for a document by
going to the spotlight
in the upper
right hand corner of the menu bar.
Simply type in the name of the
document you are looking for and the
computer will start searching the