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Team members: Elena Firu, Veta Ghenescu, Alina-Tania Neagu, Titi Preda, Sorin Zgura.
About 60%
Infrastructure: In construction a laboratory for sensor characterization. In present we
have a room and a few Keithley instruments
-In summer of 2013 a project was applied to ANCS (National Agency for Scientific
Research) .
-At the ROSA (Romanian Space Agency) request I & ISS director will present in near
future a proposal to finance the infrastructure needed for study of sensors in space
science (Si, GaAs) .
Topics (from September 2011):
- Test beam and test beam analyses
- Monte Carlo simulation of test beam 2011 - started at the beginning of 2013
For near future:
-Next test beam test beam analyses
-Monte Carlo simulation for test beams