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Career Challenge

Enrich 21 st Century Skills

Curriculum Objectives

1) Identify interests & enthusiasms 2) Determine employability 3) Explore personal qualities & personality traits 4) Select a few career options 5) Consider what courses and activities needed to pursue career options 6) Explore career options through shadowing

Career Challenge Program Components

USA TODAY Newspapers

Career Challenge Workbooks

Value of USA TODAY

Career Challenge:

Students will:

Reflect on their own

strengths and interests

Learn of the successes

and failures of today’s businesspeople

Understand career/job


Become aware of the

globalized economy

Explore business

news/stock market

For Students:

High-interest Exclusive features & investigative reports Color photos Clear & concise style

The Career Challenge Program

The Power of “Written” Goals

Harvard Study - 1953 MBA graduating class interviews determined that:

• 10% had goals.

Beliefs vs. action • 70% believed goals were important to success.

• 3% had a “written” plan to achieve goals.

Results • 30 years later, in 1983, the 3% that had “written” plans to achieve goals had more income and net worth than the other 97% combined.

• 2 years later, in 1985, MIT found that the 3% with a “written” plan had four times the net worth of the other 97% combined.

•Source: Dr. David McCellan, Harvard Business School


Addresses Career Standards

• Apply knowledge of personal interests, abilities, values • Develop knowledge of relationship between educational attainment to career opportunities • Understand the relationship between work and learning • Develop skills to locate and use sources of career information • Understand the process of career planning

Features of Inside USA TODAY

• Encourages sustained reading and higher-order thinking • Weekly cross curricular activity.

• Content-specific student graphic organizer

• News resources • Lesson Plan archives • Special interest • Lessons by core subject • Career education • Event features • Case Studies • Project-based learning

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