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General Information
Company Name: Saraj – Komerc d.o.o.
Address: Batuški Lug bb – Industrijska zona
70240 Gornji Vakuf – Uskoplje
Activity: Production of Covers for Fuel Filters, Springs and Tubes
Property: 100% private
Existing since: 1983.
General Manager: Emir Čolić
“Saraj-Komerc” has three
production sites on two locations.
Surface of production sites on
location 1 is 9.000 m2, whereas
surface of production site on
location 2 is 7.500 m2.
“Saraj-Komerc” has bought “Tvornica Opruga” facility
(location 2) for production of springs in 2010. Facility has been
rebuilt, and free capacities were allocated for all technologies.
The whole space of this facility is allocated for new projects.
Facility includes a new Zn/Ni plating line.
Products and services
“Saraj-Komerc” production range includes Cover assemblies
for Fuel Filters, Springs and tubes for Diesel Fuel Pumps
and Coolers. The company also provides services of plating
and brazing to it’s customers. We have become a supplier
recognizible for it’s quality.
Production of covers for
fuel filters
A set of different technologies is used for production of cover
assemblies such as:
CNC machining
Assembly and brazing
Tooling production and maintenance
There are more than 40 presses, both excenter and
hydraulic, ranging from 10 to 400 tons. Presses are placed in
both production locations, and are used for production of lids
which are then assembled into cover assemblies. Materials
used for stamping are black steel and stainless steel.
CNC machining
There are more than 20 CNC machines which
are used for production of individual parts
which are then assembled into cover assemblies.
Tubing involves different processes such as cutting, chamfering,
reaming, forming and bending. Variety of different tubes from
steel and stainless steel are used in production of cover assemblies
but also as final products which are assembled into Diesel Fuel
Pumps and Coolers by our customers.
Assembly and Brazing
Individual parts are assembled
into cover assemblies. Assembled
parts are then brazed in Brazing
Ovens. The ovens are allocated to
part families, depending on the base
material used for their production
(black steel and stainless steel).
“Saraj-Komerc” has three plating lines. Two plating
lines are allocated for Tin plating and Zinc plating,
whereas the third plating line is allocated for Zinc-Nickel
Tooling workshop
Tooling workshop is used for
production of simple tubing tools,
different fixtures and gauges, and
maintenance of existing stamping
Production of springs
“Saraj – Komerc” started it’s business in 1983. with production of springs.
Over the time the company developed new customers and wide range of
springs. All types of springs are nowadays produced, with a material range of
Ø 0,2 – Ø16 mm. Springs are produced from both steel and stainless steel, and
using different platings and passivations.
Quality and Ecology
“Saraj-Komerc” has implemented ISO 9001 QMS in December 2002.
Certification was conducted by TÜV Bayern München.
Environment Management System according to ISO 14001 was
implemented in February 2007. Ecological and environmental aspects of
business are highly respected. Personnel is continualy trained about the
relevance of environmental standards.
Activities on implementation of ISO/TS 16949 started in 2011.
„Saraj-Komerc” is member of Automotive Cluster of B&H
since it’s foundation together with other companies from the
Automotive Business.
Saraj – Komerc d.o.o.
Batuški Lug bb – Industrijska zona
BA – 70240 Gornji Vakuf – Uskoplje
+387 (0)30 265 836 – General Manager
+387 (0)30 265 835 – Technology
+387 (0)30 265 837 – Production and control
+387 (0)30 265 315 – Fax and accountant
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