9-4-14 - Liberty ISD

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Thursday September 4, 2014
Write in your agenda:
Turn in Homework: Chocolate
● Determining Importance
● Kernel Essay
● Homework: Read for AR for 30 minutes.
Determining Importance
In the table of contents of your interactive notebook please
add this:
9-4-14- The Important Book- page 18
9-4-14- Determining Importance- page 19
Determining Importance
What’s important here……..
What matters to me…………
One thing that we should notice…
I want to remember………………
It’s interesting that……………….
The Important Book
I am going to read The Important Book and when I
am finished you will be creating your own Important
• You are going to follow along as I show you how
to fold your paper and how to place it in the
interactive notebook.
The Important Book
• Under the 4 flaps you will complete these sentence starters.
• The important thing about _______is
• It is _____________.
• It_____________.
• But the important thing about______
is that _____________.
Kernel Essay
Today we are going to use our Quick List from
yesterday to select a moment or memory that you
wouldn’t mind everyone hearing about.
• Number your papers one through 5 skipping lines.
• Think about the moment you chose.
• I’m going to ask you five questions about that
moment, one at a time.
• Answer each question about that moment.
Kernel Essay
Where were you and what were you doing?
What was the first thing that happened?
What was the second thing that happened?
What was the last thing that happened?
What you thought. ( As I was…I saw…and I
You have just written a kernel essay. It’s like a
kernel of corn, tiny but packed!