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Transcript SECME – Balsa Bridges - UCF CECS Diversity :: Welcome

SECME – Balsa Bridges
Presented By: Michael Olka P.E.
What are the teams responsible for
• The superstructure only
• The support is supplied
at the testing site
Balsa Size Restrictions
• Maximum Member cross
section is ¼” by ¼”.
• Students are allowed to
laminate smaller
members to create larger
ones, however this “builtup” section may not
exceed ¼” by ¼”.
The Supplied Support
Testing Machine
Leave the
center open
Ranking of Bridges
• The Bridges are ranked
according to the
Strength to Weight
Ratio. Not the
Maximum Load.
*The higher the ratio the more efficient the bridge.*
Example of the Ratio
Bridge A:
Weight: 100g
Load: 45,359g (100lbs)
Bridge B:
Weight: 50g
Load: 27,215g (60lbs)
SWR: 453.59
SWR: 544.31