Transcript Anne Frank

Anne Frank

Her history By Patrick B

Facts and Dates • • • • She was born on 12 June, 1929 – Frankfurt Her mum and dad (Otto and Edith) and her sister Margot – 3 years older 1933- Hitler becomes leader of the German Government They don’t feel safe anymore so......

The rise of the Nazis

• • • • • Emigrating to the Netherlands Otto Frank sets up a business in Amsterdam They feel safe again and Anne goes to school WW2 breaks out On 10 of May 1940 the Nazis invade Netherlands The Frank family are in danger once more The Frank family

Going into hiding • • • • • With the Netherlands now occupied by the Nazis Restrictions are mounting They decide the dangers have become too great so they now decide to go into hiding There are four other Jews in the secret Annex besides the Frank’s It’s was not easy living in such close quarters

Their hiding places

Discovery and Arrest • • • • • • 4 th of August 1944, everyone in the secret annex is arrested - Someone has betrayed them They are taken to the Auschwitz concentration camp Anne is in the same barracks as her mother and sister Later, Anne and Margot are taken to Bergen Belsen Anne dies there in March 1945, at the age of 15 Otto is the only one to survive

The barrack in the concentration camp

The Diary • • • Otto returns to Amsterdam and discovers that his family is dead Otto’s friend gives him the diaries, Anne had wanted her diary to be published after the war It was published in 1947, and translated into lots of different languages and adapted for both film and theatre

Holocaust Memorial Day

27th January

By Patrick B

Holocaust Memorial Day • • • • Holocaust memorial day is for remembering the victims who were effected by the holocaust The Nazi concentration camps were a place where they used many different ways to kill their victims The date of the memorial day is the anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz The memorial day also remembers victims of other genocides such as Rwanda and Cambodia This is one of the camps

Dates to Remember • • 1919-1933 The rise of the Nazi party The people who were most persecuted were Jews, homosexuals, gypsies, disabled people, Jehovah’s Witnesses, coloured people and people who didn’t support the Nazis