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A family-oriented recreational destination blending the best of
spa resort facilities and dynamic experiential venues.
A multi-day retreat and single-day adventure.
The Site
The currently-owned 75 acres and
the 125 acre parcel under option
combine to create an ideal
configuration of accessible land
forms and adjacencies for the
new attractions paradigm.
Proximity to major Rail and
Automobile thoroughfares adds
significant value to the location.
Conceptual Master Plan
Narrow Gauge Circulation
A narrow gauge railroad connects all elements of the resort
All coaches and stations are climate-controlled
Visitors can tour the entire complex or disembark at any venue
Arrival Icon
South Location (A)
• Between Pullman Court
and day parking
• Clearly visible from
from the Narrow Gauge
Tour train and Main Line
North Location (B)
• Adjacent to the new
Highway 63 interchange
and overpass
• Highly visible from
surrounding roads and all
project venues
Pullman Court
• 48 time-share suites, tiered for view of active tracks
• VIP “woodie” transportation between site and Depot
• All-weather access to shops and club-house
• Exclusive vehicle parking
National Passenger
Rail Center
• Tour train Station # 1
• 80,000 square feet, four internal tracks
• Internal transfer table
• Amtrak memorabilia and artifacts
• Amtrak’s America in 17 minutes
• Interactive exhibitions
Depot Inn & Suites +
• Tour train Station #2
• New wing expansion creates 50-60 additional rooms
• Serves overnight and short stay visitors
• Private and day-use parking
• All-weather access to theater and shopping
• All weather shopping and dining
• Theater and amphitheater access
• Day-use parking
• Community appeal
• Directly accessible from Owenby Street
The Resort Hotel
•Tour train Station #3
• Convention and Events Center
• Twin lobbies for rail and automobile arrival
• Serving multi-day resort visitors
• 300-400 room capacity
• Hub of the resort experience
• Valet and self-parking
• Tour train Station #4
• 45,000 interior square feet of structures
• Secluded from other resort facilities
• Hot mineral spas
• Saunas
• Massage & physical therapy
• Beauty treatments
• Yoga and exercise classes
• Prayer and meditation chapel
• Spa suites and cabins
• Recreation and fitness
Spa Gardens
• Five enclosed acres of walks, rest
areas and vistas
• Tea house and aviary
• Rental cabins
The Old West
• Terrain modeled after
American Southwest
• Wooden trestle bridge
over stream
• Ghost town
• Train robbery
• Mesas and red rocks
• Tunnel through mountain
Energy Pavilion
• Tour train Station #5
• 30,000 square foot Interpretive Center
• Cutting edge, interactive exhibits
• Alternative energy prototypes
• Exterior wind and solar farm generating energy
to operate project, with surplus for La Plata and
sale to energy grid
Air/Water Activities Park
• Tour Train Station #6
• 150,000 square feet under
• Waterfall Slide over train
• Experience based on railroad
• Wind Tunnel “weightlessness”
• Pneumatic animated sculpture
• Air-propulsion River Ride
• Extreme Water Adventures
• Interactive games, i.e., build
a virtual locomotive, assemble
and operate a virtual consist.
Air & Water Activities
Missouri Pavilion of Art &
• Tour train Station #7
• 30,000-50,000 interior square feet
• Two acres of sculpture gardens under cover
• Actively programmed
• Conduit to regional museums and
heritage sites
• Hub of day trips to nearby historic sites
• Possibly State affiliated & operated
• Completely unique attraction
• Economically sustainable
• Regional, State and National audience
• Creates jobs and tax revenues
• Fuels interest in heritage sites
within two-hour drive
• Balances development in Kansas
City, St. Louis and Branson
• Emphasizes importance of Railroads
as once and future transportation
• Optimizes natural and social values
of Northeast Missouri
• In the vanguard of eco-tourism