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Break-out session 1: Group 1

Chair: Ekosse, Georges-Ivo. Rapporteur: Berefo, Eric Transition Team member: Hackmann, Heide


 Abiodun, Babatunde  Amoussougbo, Thierry    Hachigonta, Sepo Kaniki, Andrew Kinuthia-Njenga, Cecilia      Kotecha, Piyushi Leluma, Matooane Massaquoi, Joseph Mvondo, Samuel Assembe Vogel, Coleen

Future Earth Research Theme: Global Development

Providing the knowledge for sustainable, secure and fair stewardship of food, water, health, energy, materials and other ecosystem services.

Future Earth Research Theme: Dynamic Planet

Observing, explaining, projecting Earth and societal system trends, drivers and processes, and their interactions; anticipating global thresholds.

Future Earth Research Theme: Transformation towards Sustainability

Understanding and evaluating strategies for governing and managing the global environment across scales and sectors, to move towards a sustainable Future Earth.

1. Research priorities relevant for Africa that can be linked to / integrated within the Future Earth research framework             Indicator index (country-based ) Ecosystem based adaptation Africa green economy Sustainable energy development Sustainable consumption and production Integrated waste management Sustainable land-management and desertification Poverty and livelihoods Biodiversity and ecosystems Capacity building and technology transfers Skills development Data collection for purpose of monitoring various environmental components in the region (fresh water, ocean, forest, soil etc.) Footprint indicator

Research priorities relevant for Africa that can be linked to / integrated within the Future Earth research framework (Continuation)          Food security Mitigation measures- climate change Impact of emerging economies on biodiversity loss and land-use conflicts Use of indigenous and local knowledge in resource management Identifying and evaluating baseline data Success stories of transformative action and up scaling these (local to regional) Research of future architecture for new organisation required Thinking outside the box Translating research findings to commercialising products that benefit African communities

2. On-going regional activities / programmes, already dealing with these priorities. Gaps not being addressed            CLIMDEV ACPC Dialogues and platforms African forest forum Central African forest commission (COMIFAC) Mapping existing programmes and initiatives and identifying the gaps Networking research activities at universities to prevent duplication Creating platforms between policy-makers and researchers Dissemination and communication of research African Environment Outlook Enhancing ICT use and practice

3. Opportunities for collaboration between Future Earth and existing regional activities      African academy of sciences-Human resource capacity African network of scientific and technological institution What is the added value of collaborating with future earth? Spreading the message ACPC and CLIMDEV- Africa- Implement research aspect Platform whereby most information generated can be taken closer to policy makers