Rijksoverheid presentatie - Netherlands Space Office

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Transcript Rijksoverheid presentatie - Netherlands Space Office

GEO in the
Netherlands Space Office
Stimulate (use of) space in an
(inter)national context
Enhance role of the Netherlands in space
Space for Society
GEO in the Netherlands
Activities in European Commission & ESA
National initiatives, e.g.:
• research & news instruments such as
SBA Agriculture
Who: Wageningen University / Alterra
What: operations of WOFOST crop model
(WOrld FOod STudies) / Crop Growth
Monitoring System (CGMS) for EC JRC.
SBA Biodiversity
Who: Alterra Wageningen UR
What: EBONE is a European pilot for GEO
BON. It will make extant data exchangeable
and is designed to make the links between
(isolated) databases, e.g. using matrices of
linking remote sensed categories with in situ
habitat data for use in biodiversity
of a single
In situ data of 1 km square in
south France, legend: General
Habitat Categories (GHCs)
In situ data of 1 km square
in the Negev desert, Israel
SBA Capacity Building
Who: ITC (Twente University)
What: GEONETCast Toolbox approach
(GEO task GEO CB-09-03 task);
distribution of data and derived products
for the global user community, covering all
nine Societal Benefit Areas (SBA)
SBA Capacity Building
Who: KNMI (Netherlands MetOffice)
What: GLOBE project - a worldwide handson, primary and secondary school-based
science and education program.
SBA Climate
Who: KNMI (NL MetOffice)
• KNMI Climate & Atmospheric research
• TEMIS data portal - Tropospheric
Emission Monitoring Internet Service
SBA Climate
Who: Wageningen University
• Climate & land research
• Development methodologies for land cover
• Pre-operational systems & pilot projects
• Contributor to GEO-Forest Carbon Tracking
SBA Climate
Who: VU University Amsterdam
• Integrated Global Carbon Observations
• Climate and deforestation
• CO2 emissions from fire
SBA Data management
Who: Wageningen University
• GOFC-GOLD (Global Observation of Forest
and Land Cover Dynamics) - lead for GEO task
on global land cover (DA-09-03)
• REDD Sourcebook of Methods and
Procedures for Monitoring and Reporting
Greenhouse Gas Emissions in developing
countries (GEO Task: CL-09-03)
SBA Data management
Who: ISRIC – World Soil Information
Development of a global soil information
system incorporating data from global,
regional and national soil data projects,
consisting of:
• Area-class products (EC FP7 e-SOTER
• Soil property prediction surfaces
SBA Energy
Who: TNO
• To develop a strategy for a global
assessment of the current and future impact
of the exploitation of energy resources on the
environment and ecosystems and to
demonstrate this strategy for a variety of
energy resources worldwide.
SBA Water
International Groundwater Resources
Assessment Centre (hosted by the
• Global Groundwater Monitoring Network
(GGMN) for a periodic assessment of the
global groundwater resources using
information from exiting in-situ national,
regional and global networks.
Fictitious data
SBA Water
Who: Technical University Delft, Alterra, ITC,
FutureWater, WaterWatch
• Improving observing systems for water
resource management of Qinghai–Tibet
Plateau (EC FP7 CEOP-AEGIS project)
GEO Coordination in Netherlands