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Czyli chorobowe niestrawności
natury :P
What is the earthquake??
Drought is a period or condition of unusually
dry weather within a geographic area where
rainfall is normally present. During a
drought there is a lack of precipitation.
Droughts occur in all climatic zones.
However, its characteristics vary
significantly from one region to another.
And that we can’t plant any plants because
tey don’t grow!!!
Logical, isn’t it?
Even today
of lightning is
still not fully
Hurricanes are one of natures many
destructive forces. The word comes from
West Indian; huracan ("big wind"). Hurricanes
are seasonal storms and are most prevalent in
August and September.
Four most powerfull hurricane were:
ALLEN 190MPH 1980r
CMILLE 190MPH 1969r
GILBERT 185MPH 1988r
DOG 185MPH 1950
Tornadoes are one of weathers most
deadly and fascinating forces. Even
though they are often limited by size (not
being more than one kilometer wide at
most) they leave vast areas of destruction
and death behind them. They are also
called twisters or cyclones.
A Volcano is a vent in the
earth through which hot
gases and molten rock
rise to the surface. A
coneshaped mountain of
erupted material around
such a vent is also called
a volcano.
"Tsunami" is the Japanese word meaning tidal
wave. A tidal wave is a large sea wave caused by a
submarine earthquake or volcanic explosion. When
the ocean floor is tilted or offset during an
earthquake, a set of waves is created. These
waves are similar to the concentric waves
generated by an object dropped into the water.
The End
By Natalia Jaworowska