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Nonexempt Excluded Staff Senate (NEESS) Michael Dick President, AY 2008-2009


Shared Governance

Formal structures for collaboration & communication between administration, faculty, staff, and students.


UMBC Formal Structures

• Faculty Senate • Student Government Association (SGA) • Graduate Student Association (GSA) • Professional Staff Senate (PSS) • Non-Exempt Excluded Staff Senate (NEESS) 3

What is NEESS?

NEESS represents Regular and Contingent Non-Exempt staff not otherwise represented by an exclusive bargaining agent, offering them a voice in shared governance. 4

Background  February 2002 the bargaining unit for non-exempt employees voted in AFSCME as their exclusive bargaining agent.

 Classified Staff Senate dissolved.


What does “Excluded” mean?

 Certain types of employees are excluded from participating in collective bargaining, such as supervisors, managers, and staff who work with confidential information.


Who are members of the Non Exempt Excluded Staff  The Department of Human Resources reviews employee position descriptions for eligibility status.

 Human Resources updates the list of NEES members on a quarterly basis (97).


Purpose of the NEES Senate A. To advise and make recommendations to UMBC Administration on matters involving NEES members. B. To review the actions of the other four Senates and UMBC Administration.


Purpose of the NEES Senate C. To make recommendations, via the Steering Committee, to the Board of Regents. D. Review academic policies and practices affecting NEES members. 9

Purpose of the NEES Senate E. Review campus personnel practices as they affect NEES members.

F. To promote an improved work environment and enhanced morale among NEES members. 10

Members of the NEES Senate Michael Dick, Pres.

Terry Aylsworth, VP Vicki Simmers, Treas.

Dottie Caplan Deborah Geare, CUSS Joe Howard Teresa Lupinek Kathy Miller Sue Schneider 11

A Few Initiatives  Educate and strengthen shared governance process  Staff Handbook  More flexibility in the pay ranges  Improved Staff Development and Training  Review of the current PMP  Book Scholarship for Undergraduate Students  Influenced the current UMBC Furlough Plan for employees >$40K 12

This Year’s Initiatives  Change the name of our group dropping the negative word “Excluded”  Nonexempt Staff Senate (NESS)  Website:  Better communication with fellow NES workers  Two Book Scholarships for Undergraduates  Continue to strengthen shared governance process 13

              Committees University Steering Committee Council of University System Staff (CUSS) Planning & Leadership Personnel Review Committee Landscaping and Stewardship Human Relations Athletics Policy Library Policy Research Council Risk Management Climate Change Task Force (Ad Hoc) Staff Development (Ad Hoc) Food Services (Ad Hoc) Search Committees (Ad Hoc) 14

Want to get involved?

    Elections are in April Two year term Monthly meetings Chance to help shape your work environment 15

Nonexempt Excluded Staff Senate