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Revelation of nature
• Your brain sends
messages at the rate of
240 mph.
• There are 10 million
nerve cells in your brain.
• One square inch of skin
on the human hand
contains some 72 feet of
nerve fibre.
• There is a total of 45
miles (72 km) of nerves in
the skin.
• About 400 gallons
of blood flow through
your kidneys in one
• Placed end to end,
all your body's blood
vessels would
measure about
62,000 miles.
• There are 35 million
digestive glands in
the stomach.
• Each of your eyes
has 120 million rods,
which help you see
in black and white.
• Each eye has six
million cones, which
help you see in
• Most people
have about
100,000 hairs on
their head.
Some of them at
the top!
•The heat-absorbing capacity of Earth's
oceans is crucial to keeping the planet's
temperature relatively stable.
• Earth is the only planet on which water can
exist in liquid form on the surface, and most (71
percent) of the planet's surface is covered with
•Its atmosphere helps to shield its surface from meteors,
most of which burn up before they can strike the surface.
• The atmosphere is composed of mostly nitrogen and
oxygen. The presence of free oxygen is quite unusual
because oxygen is a very reactive gas.
• Without the constant and massive respiration of plants
worldwide, oxygen would quickly combine with other
elements, and there would be little free oxygen, as has
happened on Venus and Mars.
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