Microscale Rapid Prototyping

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Transcript Microscale Rapid Prototyping

Microscale Rapid Prototyping
Melissa Appel
Eric Dávila
Andrew Maclennan
• Review of Last Presentation
– Purpose
– Modeling the
Scale Structures
• Progress
• Future Work
• To Discover More about Butterfly Wings
by Modeling Their Scale Structures
cross section
upper lamina
~0.5 mm
lower lamina
–How they Trap Heat
–How they Display Colors
Modeling the Scale Structures
• Single Layer Structure
– Spin out a Thin Layer of
SU-8 on a Glass Slide
– Cure a Pattern in the
SU-8 Using UV Light
– Develop the Slide to
Wash Away Unexposed
• “Fixed” the SU-8, FSC Interaction Problem
• Better Way of Aligning Cure Pattern
(Bottom Light)
• Took Pictures at an Angle
• Further Improved LabVIEW VI’s
• Offset for UV Curing
• New Ideas For Creation of Overhang
“Fixed” SU-8, FSC Interaction
• Problem: SU-8, When Not Cured, Dissolves
“Fixed” SU-8, FSC Interaction
• Solution: One of Them Has to Go
– Use SU-8 for Thick Column
• SU-8 Is Still Best for High Aspect Ratio
– Use Norland Optical Adhesive 81 for
Layers between FSC
• NOA 81 Does Not Dissolve the FSC
Aligned Cure Pattern
• Problem: Hard To Align Multiple Patterns
Aligned Cure Pattern
• Solution: View Both Existing Pattern and Spot
» To Cure: Shine Light Through the Spotlight from the Top
» To See the Sample, Transmit Light from the Bottom
Illumination for
Sample holder stage
Illumination for
Focus wheel
Took Pictures at an Angle
normal incidence
35 degree tilt
70 mm
75 degree tilt
Further Improved LabVIEW VI’s
• Minimize Backlash
– Slowed Ramp Rate
– Slowed Pre-Run Speed
• Made Software Run Faster
Offset For UV Curing
• UV Light Has a Different Focal Length than
White Light
Z Focal Offset: 21
Z Focal Offset: 15
Line thickness: 26 mm
Z Focal Offset: 9
Line thickness: 22 mm
Line thickness: 17 mm
New Ideas for Overhang
• Eat Away
• Diving Board
• Theme Day
Eat Away
• Spin and Cure 3 Layers: SU-8, FSC, NOA81
• Develop: Timing for “Eat Away” of FSC
Diving Board
Spin a Layer of FSC, with Tape
Remove Tape
Spin and Cure NOA81
Develop to Remove FSC
Future Work
• Still Working on Overhang