Transcript Document

Natural Gas Transmission Pipeline
Pipeline Safety Trust Meeting
Terry Boss
PIPA Precursors
Risk Management
Common Ground Alliance
Risk Communication
Integrity Management
Pipeline Safety Act
API 1162
FERC Pre-filing Process
Parallel Construction Practices
Natural Gas Transmission
Pipeline Goals for PIPA
• Reduce the Probability of Excavation
Pipeline Incidents
• Improve Pipeline Operation and
Maintenance Practices
• Improve Public Understanding of Energy
Infrastructure and Its Relationship to
Quality of Life
• Encourage Consistency within U.S.
Recommended PIPA Structure by Natural
Gas Transmission Pipeline Industry
Be Factual
Put Information into Context
Why the PIPA Recommendations
Be Educational
Main Focus; Reduce the Probability of Events
Focus on Biggest Gains (Risk Reduction)
– Pipelines in Service
– Processes Presently Not Regulated or Incentivized
– New Pipeline Construction Defined in Other
• Realistic Recommendations
Needed Progress
Refine the clarity of the recommendations
Simplify and focus recommendations
Avoid redundancy and conflicts
“Widen the circle “