NIGERIA : The Giant of Africa

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NIGERIA : The Giant of Africa
6 Regions
• Fast Growing Economy
• Islam, Christianity, Paganism
• Democratic Government
• Tribes: Ibo, Hausa, Yoruba
Libraries in Nigeria
Nigerian Library Association (NLA)
 Strengths and Challenges for Nigerian
National Institute for Hospitality
and Tourism (NIHOTOUR)
Programs and Courses
 Provides training
◦ Tourism
◦ Hospitality
◦ Travel trade
Ministry of Culture , Tourism and Orientation
Parastatals -NIHOTOUR
Programs and courses
NIHOTOUR’s Library
Our Special Services
◦ Supports teaching and learning in tourism
◦ Promotes research
◦ Funded by national government
Tourism in Nigeria
Focus on regional tourism
◦ Identifying unique tourist attractions
Tourist Flow
◦ International and domestic tourists
◦ A Must Visit For A Touch With Nature