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Transcript PennData July Submission PowerPoint Presentation

July 2014 Submission
Presented by: Jill Budny
Phone: 412-394-4199
Email: [email protected]
New Special Ed Data Email:
[email protected]
Shameless attempt to get on
your good side!
Jill’s Observations on December
• Working on the files with Special Ed Staff for a month and then the
person submitting the files pulled all new files from the database and
wiped out everything we worked on
• Not running files through the spot checker before submitting to PIMS
• The IU did not submit PennData files along with your PIMS files
• Do not wait until the last minute to start running your files with the IU
or submitting your snapshots to PIMS. There are additional errors
caught in the DQE that are not caught anywhere else (ex. Student last
name must match exactly with what they have attached to the PASID)
• Every district that submitted files through Leader and/or through the
spot checker received errors. It is worth it!
Tell Me About December
What didn’t you understand?
What problems did you have?
What did you like about the process?
What do you still have questions about?
Who Reports:
The following are required to upload files for the
Special Education submission in PIMS
• School Districts
• Charter Schools
• State Corrections Ed
What do we report:
Submission of Exiting Data
• The July submission should include ONLY Special Education students
with a valid IEP from July 1, 2013 through June 30, 2014 who exited as of
June 30 of the current school year. If a student exits and returns prior to
June 30, they would not be included
• This data will be collected from your student snapshot and your
special education snapshot and submitted into PIMS by the
district, not the IU.
• All Snapshots should be sent to the IU so that they can be
processed through the Penn State Spot checker before being
uploaded into PIMS.
• Tables 4, 5, 6, and 7 will be created by Penn State from the data
provided (these tables only include ages 14-21)
Supplemental Tables
Tables 1-3
– The number of FTE (full time equivalent) personnel employed or contracted
to provide special education and related services based on the date of
• Table 1 is ages 3-5 only
• Table 2 collects special education teachers and paraprofessionals for
ages 6-21 that are highly qualified or not highly qualified
• Table 3 collects Related Services Personnel for ages 3-21
• This data will be submitted by the IU from the information provided by
the district
* IU contracted staff are reported by the IU
*Tip: Use your special education plan or your special education
budget to determine who belongs on these tables
Supplemental Tables cont.
• Table 8A
– Report of Children with disabilities evaluated July 1, 2013 through
June 30, 2014. Initial evaluation completed by the LEA – Does not
include reevaluations or gifted evaluations
– The list of districts that have to submit has not been made available
yet. Regardless if you have to submit or not, every LEA should
maintain this table
– This table needs to be submitted to PennData by the IU by
July 3, 2014
Supplemental Tables Cont.
Table 9A
– Children with disabilities subject to disciplinary removal from July 1, 2013 –
June 30, 2014 (ages 3-21)
– Penn State will create tables 9, 10, 11, and 12 from the data provided in table
– If you do not have your discipline information in your Special Education
database please get it from your building Principals to manually input
Table 13
– Children subject to expulsion with and without disabilities with and without
educational services (ages 3-21)
– A separate spreadsheet will be emailed out to return to the IU listing your
number of students without disabilities. Those will be hand entered by the
IU for all IU3 districts.
The Penn State Spot Checker will be available for the IU to start running files starting
June 1, 2014 and it is suggested that districts start sending their files to the IU at
[email protected] to run through the spot checker no later than June 9, 2014
• I know what everyone is thinking, school isn’t even over by June 9th????? June 9th
does not have to be your final file. We can work on cleaning up your files
throughout the month of June
• The earlier you can start cleaning up your files that better off you will be
• Final Date for the IU to submit clean files to spot checker: 7/3/2014
• Receipt of Preliminary Duplicates/Comparison Reports: 7/9/2014
• LEAs upload to PIMS: 7/15/2014 to 8/1/2014
• Final Date for the IU to submit clean files to spot checker: 8/1/2014
• Receipt of final Duplicates/Comparison Reports: 8/22/2014
• Final resolution of duplicates/Comparison reports due: 8/29/2014
• Verify reports and signoff due: 9/12/2014
What do we submit:
For the exiting data:
Districts can give the IU their special education snapshot and student snapshot and the IU will run
them through the spot checker (this would be without going through Leader)
Non Leader districts can give the IU their file formats to upload into Leader and the IU can
produce their two snapshots to run through the spot checker (with the option of providing your
student snapshot so you do not have to use the defaulted student snapshot in Leader)
The IU can refresh Leader districts and just pull their snapshots from Leader to run through the
spot checker (with the option of providing your student snapshot so you do not have to use the
defaulted student snapshot in Leader)
For the tables:
The IU can refresh the Leader districts and pull their tables
Non Leader districts must give me their file formats to upload into Leader
Leader Import Formats
No changes have been made since last year. If
changes are made, the IU will email those out to
districts and vendors ASAP. A copy of the file
formats were supplied to you on the way in.
Please remember, although they are not listed as
required on the formats the IEP, ER/RR, and
NOREP dates are required due to federal
compliance regulations. If they are blank the
students will error out
Why would we email you our
Student Snapshot?
IEPWriter does not collect all of the data
required for the Student Snapshot (example:
Homeroom, district entry date). They will
default those fields if you want to use it. If
not, you must pull your Student Snapshot
out of your SIS but you must double check
the information matches what is on your
Special Education Snapshot
[email protected]
LEA Reminders
If errors are indicated, please fix the data in your source
system. An effort to correct errors in the source system
will eliminate problems in the future
LEAs are reminded to WAIT until the file has been
cleared to upload the files to PIMS
With the new DQE, if errors are identified within the
upload the ENTIRE FILE(S) will be REJECTED
The Special Education Office and PIMS Admin need to
work together to create the Student and Special Ed
Do not open your CSV files without right clicking and
‘opening with’ in Notepad
Volume 1 - Domains
Volume 2 - Appendix (where you will find specific codes)
Edna Website:
Email the IU at any time with questions. We
want you to feel comfortable and confident
with this process!