Next Generation Assessments 2014-2015

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Next Generation Assessments
Laura Amero
Curriculum Supervisor
[email protected]
What Are They?
• State assessments that are/will replace the
OAA and OGT test
• Tests in English (ELA), Math, Social Studies,
and Science
• Determines students’ mastery of subject-area
• Assesses students’ college and career
• Online and paper/pencil versions of the tests
Who Created Them?
• English and math tests are created by:
Partnership for Assessment of Readiness for
College and Careers (PARCC)
• Science and social studies tests are created by:
American Institutes for Research (AIR)
Who Takes the Tests at Chaney?
•6th Grade:
•Math and English
• Social Studies (ONLINE)
•7th Grade:
•English (ONLINE)
•8th Grade:
•Math (ONLINE)
• Math 8 OR
• Algebra 1
•English (ONLINE)
•Science (ONLINE)
•9th Grade:
•Algebra 1 OR
•Science (ONLINE)
• thStudents
taking American• History
th Grade:
• 10
and 11th Grade:
11th and 12
• American
• American Government
How Many Tests?
• Students will be tested at two different times.
• The first set of tests are called the
Performance Based Assessments (PBA)
• The second set of tests are called the End of
Course Assessments(EOC)
*Refer to your schedule for Chaney’s testing
schedule for Round 1*
Round 1 PBA: English and Math (PARCC)
– Feb. 16- Mar. 20 (online)
– Feb. 16-Mar. 6(paper/pencil)
– The English test has 3 sections
– The Math test has 2 sections
Round 1 PBA: Science and Social Studies (AIR)
– Mar. 2-Mar. 13 (online)
– Both tests have 1 section
Round 2 EOC: English and Math (PARCC)
– Apr. 13-May 15 (online)
– Apr. 13-May 1 (paper/pencil)
– Both tests have 2 sections
Round 2 EOC: Science and Social Studies: (AIR)
– May 4-15 (online)
– Both tests have 1 section
Test Format
• For the online version of the tests, students
will may be asked to do the following:
– Drag and drop items
– Type in a text box
– Click in a box
– Select text
– Use a ruler, calculator, and/or protractor
– Use text highlighter
– Use a video player
Test Format
Science and social studies technology questions:
AIR Demo
ELA Example:
Math Example:
Math Ruler
Math Box
• Starting in 9th grade, the tests will count towards graduation
• The OGT will be replaced with these tests starting with this year’s
• As one of the three pathways to a diploma, students can
accumulate their scores from end-of-course exams. The higher a
student scores on any end-of-course exam, the more graduation
points he or she earns:
Advanced Level = 5 points
Accelerated Level = 4 points
Proficient Level = 3 points
Basic Level = 2 points
Limited Level = 1 point
• If a student reaches 18 graduation points overall, he or she
becomes eligible for a diploma.
9th Graders: Class of 2018
• First class to take the tests which count towards graduation
• Students that score below proficient on an exam may
retake it after they receive some extra help on the
• Students that score proficient or higher on an end of course
exam can retake exams only if, once they take all the
exams, they have not met the minimum graduation points
to graduate.
• This year’s tests: English 1, Algebra 1 or Geometry, Physical
• Refer to the handout which has the graduation
requirements on it from the ODE site
• Refer to the ODE site for any questions about new
graduation requirements: ODE Graduation Requirements
Support at School
• Lessons are integrating technology
• District assessments have exposed students to the
test questions/format
• Units are becoming more rigorous and mirroring
the new assessments
• Teachers are attending professional development
to further develop their instructional practices
Support at Home
• Educate yourself about the tests
• Practice the online tests with your student
(resources page)
• Stay up-to-date with the testing calendar
• Communicate with your student’s teachers
• Ensure your student gets a good night’s rest
during the week(s) of testing
Next Generation Practice Tests
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ODE Graduation FAQ
ELA Practice Tests
Math Practice Tests
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