Birthing Kit Project

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Transcript Birthing Kit Project

October 2010, District 15 Fall Conference
Darcie Clapp, Special Projects Coordinator
Reusable Menstrual Pads Project
“Give a girl EVERY day of her life back.”
Project Overview
To provide pads to school aged girls in Africa who,
without them, are isolated, do not go to school and
often drop out at the age of puberty
The agency making this request and providing
delivery of this product is: PROJECT THRIVE -Days for Girls
In 2009 Zonta Clubs in District 15 sewed 200 pads
An estimated 500 pads will be donated in 2010
Mastectomy Pillow Project
“The comfort pillow with heart”
Project Overview
To provide soft pillows to mastectomy patients to
use between their arm and chest during recovery
Completed pillows are donated to local hospitals or
the American Cancer Society for distribution
Tally up the number of pillows donated by your club
and send to Darcie Clapp [email protected]