PPT for Video Conference on 17-07-2014

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Transcript PPT for Video Conference on 17-07-2014

Review on Record Maintenance,
Pensions and Introduction to
new services in HRMS & Designs
The Engineer-in-Chief(AW)
Irrigation & CAD Dept
• Review of Maintenance of records and registers in Circle, Division
and Sub division offices.
• Processing of Pension
• Preparation of District profiles on Irrigation aspects
• Introduction to Design module by Sri K.Narender, EE, Spl. Designs
• Introduction to mobile APP: RSMS
• Introduction to online services in HRMS
Work load from AEE and AE
Additional Charge allowance
Annual Confidential Reports
NOC for Passport
• Suggestions
Maintenance of Records
• Vide circular memo ENC/F2/14062634/2014
dated 19-06-2014, Instructions were issued to
all the circles and divisions to streamline the
maintenance of records and registers.
• It is suggested to refer to the hand book on
Financial Accountability published by CGG.
• Inspection by CEs/Ses will commence shortly
Pension processing
• ENC conducted review meeting on pensions
on 15 and 16th of June 2014.
• All the unit officers were requested to furnish
the pension papers of retiring personnel
before 15-07-2014. Only a few have
• Others are directed to expedite the issue.
• Service books have to be sent six months
before retirement for verification.
Online services in HRMS
• http://irrigation.telangana.gov.in (website)
• http://irrigationhrmstg.cgg.gov.in (HRMS)
• Update contact details by 20th July 2014
– Each employee has to update his personal contact details
like email, office mobile and personal mobile/phone
– In the office login, the land line and FAX number and
address of office have to be updated.
• Each employee has to select the officer (Post) to whom
he is reporting.
– In case of multiple reporting i.e., one person reporting to
more than higher officer for different subjects
Work Load
• Section officers have to login into HRMS
• Click on my workload in data entry
• Enter the details of work load.
– Multiple tasks can be entered
• Submit to the Dy.EE
• Dy.EE to Login into HRMS
– Can view work load, edit and approve
• System to generate reports at Sub
Division/Division/Circle and unit level.
• This has to be completed by 22nd July
• by 5th of every month
Annual Confidential Reports
• Each Employee to login to HRMS and give self appraisal
report and then submit to next higher officer
• After submitting a pdf has to be downloaded and signed
pdf has to be submitted to the higher officer
• Reporting officer has to send the ACR to next higher
authority duly updating the HRMS system
• The counter signing authority will also update in HRMS.
• The O/o SE has to generate an acknowledgement from
HRMS for AE/AEE/DEE and necessary entries into the
register and acknowledgement to be pasted in registers.
• For EEs and SEs acknowledgement will be generated by
O/o ENC (AW) and sent to the individual through email
• Mandatory for CRs from the years from 2013-14
Additional Charge Allowance
• Each Employee to login to HRMS and submit his
application for remuneration for additional charge
within prescribed time to next higher officer
• After submitting a pdf has to be downloaded and
signed pdf has to be submitted to the higher officer
• The next higher officer has to communicate the
application to EE/SE/CE as the case may be with
• The approval authority have to generate proceedings
from HRMS.
• Mandatory from 1st August 2014
NOC for Passport
• Employee to login to HRMS and furnsih all the details and
submit online to next higher officer
• After submitting a pdf has to be downloaded and signed
hardcopy has to be submitted to the higher officer
• Officer has to send the application to next higher authority
duly updating the HRMS system
• The EE/SE/CE has to issue no charges certificates online and
download the same, sign and send to ENC(AW) office
through proper channel. The applicaiton has to be
processed within 2 days.
• Once the application reaches ENC office the NOC will be
issued within 3 days.
• Mandatory from 1st August 2014
Upcoming services
• All DDOs will be given facility to update
– Pay scale
– Basic pay
– Next increment due date
of all the employees.
• Minor Irrigation Schemes:
– Administrative Sanction, Technical Sanction and
contract /Agreement monitoring.
Updating HRMS
• Ensure correctness of data in HRMS
• All the unit/circle offices have to check the data in
HRMS and update (if any) data like promotions,
retirements and transfers
• In all communication addressed to ENC(AW) or
CE, the office email id, office telephone and
mobile number of officer have to mentioned.
• In every application/representation submitted to
ENC, please indicate your mobile number.
Suggestion for improvement
• All the Engineers are requested to suggest
– Improvements in existing services
– New services
– Email id: [email protected]