Point of Information(POI*s)

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Points of Information(POIs))
Training Session 04.03.2015
• Types of POI’s and Purposes
• Phrasing
• Examples
• Extra tips
But first...
• POI’s are an underrated and under-used resource
• POI’s can bring you up, BUT they can also drag you down
• Things to consider
Effects of offering
Motive underpinning content
Reaction to elicited response
Types of POI’s
• Points of Clarification(Special case)
• Bending the mech towards yourself
• Question
• To get to agree(for example on a value in the debate)
• Challenging facts
• Time waster(both for you/for them)
• Statement
• Challenging facts
• Furthering your own argument(keeping yourself relevant in the debate)
All can be strategically used to win a debate! (or at least place you higher)
• Clear, concise POI’s are powerful(=not necessarily short, but on point)
Judges get them
Speaker cannot shove them off as ‘confusing’
Write it down, and read it to yourself in your mind
Check it with your partner
• If factually contradicting somebody
• Don’t make it a question to which it is obvious to say ‘no, that’s exactly what
I’ve been saying’ to. Make it a question that forces the opponent to engage
with your case.
• Also take into account the amount of analysis that had gone into the point
you are trying to disprove
Speaker: “The application of the death penalty is an effective deter- rent to
capital crimes. Research for decades has consistently shown that states with
capital punishment have lower murder rates.”
POI 1: “On that point. That same research indicates that states that actually use
the death penalty have growing rates of capital crimes and that states with an
unused death penalty have decreasing murder rates.
POI 2: “On that point. Isn’t it true that states that actually use the death penalty
have growing rates of capital crimes and that states with an unused death
penalty have decreasing murder rates?
Example 1: ‘The Leading Question’
• Worlds Final 2001
• Motion:THW elect its judges
POI: How often will you re-elect your judges?
Response: ‘I don’t know why you’re nitpicking, but let’s make it 6 years’
• Enitre line made available for Opposition
• CO won
• Correct response something like: ‘For life’ or ‘A fixed term, i.e. No reelection’
Example 2: ‘The Last Chance That
was Missed’
• Worlds Octo-Finals 2005
• Motion:THBT it is time for an ASEAN Parliament
POI: Are you really saying that Indonesia should have 65 times the
voting power of Singapore?
Response: ‘Absolutely’
• Phrasing suggests incredulity in the PM’s proposal
• Response wrong because of pressure. Lots of mockery followed
Example 3: ‘Information and
• Motion: TH Supports and extended European Union
POI to PM: ‘Have you heard of the Shengen Convention?’
Response: ‘No, I haven’t’
Rebuttal that followed:’Let me tell you about Shengen, and what it means for
your case’
Instead of an obvious POI, masked as a question of knowledge
Speaker’s ignorance hurt their credibility
Even an adequate response would have left room for rebuttal
Take care with these- they need to be relevant, otherwise you’ll just make
adjuticators angry
Extra tips!
• Important: Link the POI’s to the case/clash during your speech
• Think of some before the round(if you have any good ideas)
• Do not POI your extension(if Closing)
• As PM be careful on what might seem harmless POI’s
• Write them down- a lot more powerful if coeherent
• Keep them standing for a while(they are not writing)
• Be confident!!(both offering and taking)
(Extra)Rules for today
• 7-minute speeches
• 2 compulsory POI’s
• Try to apply the advice, but also concentrate on the debate