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for $ale$
Damian Skretta
Manager, Packaging & Merchandising
April 2007
Retail Credentials
- Over 30 years merchandise experience
- Manager & District Manager
- Category Manager/Buyer
- Director, Corporate Brands – developed and
designed merchandise and packaging, end cap
and shelf displays, ads and promotions
Merchandising for $ales
what we will cover
- In store definitions
- What is Retail Merchandising
- You are the key
- Universal Truths in Merchandising
- Store layout recommendations
- Do you want a sales increase
- Signing; clip strips, displayers, BSC web site
- Summary information
End cap – Promotional display at the
end of each gondola. This is valuable
retail space for promoting merchandise –
NOT to be used for basic displays
Basic Stock Item – Daily staple item to be carried and never out of stock –
top sellers producing above average sales volume
Off-Sale – Item in stockroom, but not on display on sales floor
Off Shelf Display – End cap, dump bins, auxiliary display – large bulk display –
not on side counter
What is Retail Merchandising?
…the management of inventory to ensure the most advantageous
display of fast & slow moving items, and to maximize sales per retail
sq. ft.
- Inventory assortment planning
- Sales floor design
- Product presentation: visual
merchandising and display
- Pricing
- Signing
are very important
to our goals!!
- Sell more SKILCRAFT/JWOD merchandise
- Increase factory production
- Increase the number of jobs for people who are blind
- You are the last contact with our customers!
- Now that we have commercial-type packaging, let’s take advantage
of it with our displays
Truths in
Time proven fact or procedure,
encompassing all of retail
merchandising, proven to help
achieve specific goals in inventory control,
sales and profit.
Universal Truths
in Merchandising
- Sales do not just happen, you make them
happen by concentrating on basics in
everyday merchandising.
- Invited guests = customers
Universal Truths
in Merchandising
- Out of Stocks cause our customers the four Dis’s
1. Disappointed
2. Dismayed
3. Disgusted
4. Disappear
Universal Truths
in Merchandising
- 80/20 Rule
- Off-Sales is a cardinal sin of retail
- New items drive sales – must feature them; can
not have customer try to find them – easy impulse
- Cross selling increases sales “Want fries with
that.” – standard practice
Universal Truths
in Merchandising
- Can’t sell pegboard – goal-max sales/sq ft.
- Can’t afford to be out of basic stock – overstock on
slow seller
- Know your merchandise – product knowledge
pays off in sales
Universal Truths
in Merchandising
- Easier to make a good selling item better than a poor
selling item good. – these are promotional end cap
- Concentrate on what produces sales – only so many
hours in a day – work smart, prioritize
- Well displayed is half sold – ends and side counters
Universal Truths
in Merchandising
- Signing Sells – draws customer attention to what you
want to point out to them; market research shows this
results in 5-20% more lift than normal
- Impulse items increase total market basket
- One item ends are the most effective sales producers.
Mass display of the best items = customer confidence
– “Selling psychology”
Universal Truths
in Merchandising
- No permanent basic displays on end caps! – Rotate
merchandise selection
- Shelf location is very important - Best sellers at eye
- Can never sell too much – know what sells; never be
- Eliminate the “Sales Prevention” area of your store
merchandise operation
Universal Truths
in Merchandising
- If the customer can find it; they will buy it! They came
to your store to buy
- Maintain shelf display consistency – label counters
- Merchandise display by selling merit – example 3 ring
- Walking by an empty display without taking any
action = manager approval
Store Layout
- Category Flow
- Smooth and easy to
shop; basics in stock.
- Side Counters –
- Full and faced
- Shelf edge marking;
same item; same location
- Never out of a top seller
- Rotate stock, fresh look
- Categories displayed vertically and together
- Eye level – basic items you want to sell the most
- Most space for best items = selling merit
- No Off-Sales
- Pegged merchandise above shelved items
- Larger items on base
Store Layout
- Adjacencies –
- Pencils next to pens
- Writing pads together
- Added Impulse sales items
Do You Want a
Sales Increase?
- Best use of signing
- Making use of Clip strips
- Using any available Sales Sheets
- Using available product displayers
- Keeping your people informed
- Reviewing information on
– End caps 8.5” x 11” and Side Counters
3.5” x 5.5”
- Wall Banners 1.5’ x 4’
Clip Strips
BSC Web Site
• Communication
• Information
- Merchandising for $ale$
- Stop by Vendor Fair display
booth #400 & #402
- Questions:/Comments:
Damian Skretta
Phone: (703) 310-0546
Email: [email protected]