Student Attendance - Mary E. Phillips High School

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Transcript Student Attendance - Mary E. Phillips High School

By June 2016, student attendance will increase from a current 77% to 85% based on PowerSchool data.

Goal Manager – Robert Escamilla Key Process Manager – Deborah Bodolus Committee Members – Geraldine Webb-Harris, Kathleen Zappia 1 st Quarterly Review 7 November 2014

Key Process MEPHS MTSS/I-Care Team will create and implement a comprehensive plan to increase attendance.

Action Steps:

The MTSS/I-Care Team will meet and develop an attendance plan/policy prior to the start of the 2014/2015 school year.

The MTSS/I-Care Team to implement the attendance plan/policy.

Attendance will be entered into PowerSchool by faculty/staff members on a daily basis.

The MTSS/I-Care Team will review and analyze attendance data on a weekly basis.

Administrative Staff will implement alternative measures in order to minimize out of school suspensions as a disciplinary consequence.

Attendance Summary

75,0 70,0 65,0 60,0 90,0 85,0 80,0 82,3 78,9 62,5 80,2 77,2 62,7 83,2 81,0 70,8 82,7 79,4 66,7



NEXT STEPS Determine factors responsible for extended day program low rate of attendance.

Develop strategies to increase extended day program attendance.

Analyze attendance data for differences between classes & to target students with chronic absenteeism.

Faculty members continue to enter attendance on a daily basis & to contact parents.