Where to from here? Kindergarten train-the

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Where to from here?
Train-the-trainer workshop: Session 3
Key messages
• Alignment between EYLF and QKLG
• Focus on quality — NQS
• Focus on informed decision making
– the Continua
– online professional development modules.
Importance of facilitator’s role
Effective facilitators have:
• knowledge and understanding
• passion, enthusiasm and confidence
• communication and reflection skills
• the ability to engage in intentional
conversations to promote
learning and change.
Facilitators play an important
role in introducing the QKLG.
More information for facilitators
Visit the QKLG professional development material
on the QCAA website: www.qcaa.qld.edu.au.
Train-the-trainer resources will be available in the
resources section, under professional topics.
Opportunities for face-to-face professional
development for teachers will be offered in
Semester 2.
For details, see the PD & events section on the
QCAA website www.qcaa.qld.edu.au/events.
Importance of building networks
Resource: Building support networks