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1. Reading (Jati Diri) 2. Simple Past Tense 3. Ungkapan Perintah (Command)


1. Informasi Tertentu 2. Informasi Rinci 3. Informasi Tersirat 4. Gambaran Umum 5. Makna Kata (Sinonim, Antonim dan Kata Rujukan)

Reading (Jati Diri)

Hi friend I would like to introduce myself. My name is Renata. I am 15 years old. I live in Jakarta. My address is Jl Kutilang 9 Jakarta Timur. I live with my parents. I study in SMP. Next month I will have my final examination.

I like to listen to pop music. My favorite singer is Rosa.

Besides listening to music, I also like reading.

am really keen on adventure story. In I Jakarta It is easy to find such kinds of story.

 Contoh soal mencari informasi tertentu 1. How old is the writer?

a) Five b) c) d) Fifteen Nine Nineteen

Contoh soal mengenai pencarian informasi rinci 2. All of these statements are true, except … a) b) Renata is Indonesian Renata’s hobbies are reading and listening to music c) d) Renata has had a final examination Renata is still studying in Junior high school

Contoh soal mencari makna kata 3. I am really keen on adventure story.

The underlined word means … a) b) like dislike c) d) hate approve

Mrs. Kartini is my new English teacher. She moved to my school last month. Before moving she taught in SMP in her hometown. She moved in my place because her husband works here. Her husband is an engineer. He works for a private company in my town.

Although she is a new teacher, I feel interested in her teaching. She has a good style of teaching. It is easy to understand English with her. Many of my friends like her too. She can motivate her students well so the students study the lesson enthusiastically. In the end of the last semester, we got good marks in the final test. I am really lucky to be her student.

1. The text above talks about?

a) English Lesson b) c) d) A new English teacher My good mark Teaching English

2. Where does Mrs. Kartini’s husband work?

a) In Mrs. Kartini’s hometown b) In the writer’s town c) In SMP d) In town

3. “….study the lesson enthusiastically.” The underlined word means strong feeling of… a) hate b) interest c) bored d) disgust

Unsur Bahasa

Simple Past Tense Pengertian :

Pola kalimat yang menyatakan kejadian/pekerjaan yang terjadi di waktu lampau.

Pola Kalimat :

+ Subject + Verb 2.

- Subject + did not + Verb 1.

? Did + Subject + Verb1?

Contoh kalimat : + You went to puncak last Sunday.

You didn’t go to Bandung.

? Did you visit your grandma in Cisarua?

1. My father went to Singapore last week. He had something to do there. He … the night in Hilton hotel.

a) spend b) c) d) spends spent has spent

2. Ana : I just put some candies here but they are gone. Who took them.

Vika : I …, I thought you gave them to me. Sorry.

a) do b) did c) does d) am

3. Vivi : Hai. Ton! How are you? I think you are still in Padang.

Anton : Fine, Vi. I … back from Padang yesterday.

a) come b) comes c) came d) has come

4. Man Man : I don’t think we have met before?

Woman : Yes, I am a new comer. I’ve just moved here : live before?

Woman : Bali. I am Balinese.

a) do b) did c) are d) have

5. Boy : So this is your grandfather’s house.

It is very old.

Girl : Yes, He … it in 1920.

a) build b) c) d) builds built has built

Pengguanaan Bahasa ( Language Function) Ungkapan Perintah:

Clean the blackboard, please! Put the rubbish in the dustbin! Come here! Do the homework at home!

1. Father : Ratna, why do you just sit here while your mother is busy in the kitchen.… !

Ratna : Allright, pa!

a) b) c) d) don’t sit here help her go out from here don’t do it

2. Teacher : We will have a test today.

Now … a piece of paper and Write down your name on it Students: Yes, mam.

a) Put b) Read c) Buy d) Take

3. Teacher : What do you say ? Kiki, …please. I can’t hear you.

Kiki : OK, sir, I will repeat it again.

a) Be quiet b) Keep calm c) Don’t be silly d) Speak more loudly

4. Mother : …. Boy! It is already 5.30. You’ll be late for school Boy : Wait a minute mom. I am still sleepy.

a) go to bed b) wake up c) shut up d) take a bath

5. Mother : It’s already late. Why don’t you stop watching TV.

Boy : All right mom, I am not sleepy a moment, please. a) Go to bed, now!

b) Turn on the TV c) Don’t go away d) Don’t talk to me like that

6. Sita : look! What about if I wear this green dress?

Ani : Well. It doesn’t really suit to you.

…. Pink maybe a. Change to another b. Throw it away c. Buy a new one d. Don’t do it

7. Mother : …the vegetable! It makes you healthy Daughter : I don’t like it.

Mother : But you have to Daughter : OK a. buy b. eat c. bring d. cut