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New Member Orientation


Congratulations on your decision to join us in the rewarding world of real estate. We are pleased to have you as a member of the Kansas City Regional Association of REALTORS®.

Brenda Oliver, GRI, PMN Heritage Realty 2013 KCRAR President You’ll want to be fully aware of the many features and benefits of your new membership.

The more you know, the more you can accomplish for yourself and for your clients and customers.

You may have already completed your Matrix/MLS Orientation and this is the second part of your Orientation.

Three Parts of your KCRAR Orientation

1. This presentation about KCRAR

(15 minutes) Follow the various links to become familiar with the topic being referenced and use your browser’s back button (or exit the web page to return to this presentation) as you proceed.

2. The online video about the National Association of REALTORS


(20 minutes)

Instructions are at the end of this presentation.

3. The online “Code of Ethics” training required of all REALTORS®

(2 ½ hours) Instructions are at the end of this presentation.

You do not have to complete all this in one sitting, and that includes #3. You have 60 days to finish.

Upon completion, you will receive an email from NAR which you will forward to us.

For questions call 913-661-1600

Supplemental Materials

Not everything important to you is shown in this presentation. You need to visit our website to study and/or print the following important pages. Pay particular attention to the Toolkit for Fast Start-up * This is a guide to help you get your career started as quickly as possible.

Daily Legal Do’s REALTOR® logo use RESPA Federal Tips RPR for Property Data Personal Safety Contract/Timeline flow chart Short Sales rules for listing and selling Designation and Certifications Marketing Yourself Mortgage Fraud New Homes Road Map Toolkit for Fast Start-Up * Sales and Presentation Tools Market Reports

Click here for these pages.

What is KCRAR?

We are your support organization providing 7,000 REALTORS® in 9 counties with vital goods and services. It is the mission of the Kansas City Regional Association of REALTORS® to be the advocate for REALTOR® members; to advance the professionalism, integrity and competency of members, and to promote private property rights


Your Affiliations

You are now a member of: Kansas City Regional Association of REALTORS® ( National Association of REALTORS® (NAR) ( Kansas Association of REALTORS® (KAR) or the Missouri Association of REALTORS® (MAR) Heartland Multiple Listing Service (HMLS)

Your license is governed by state regulatory agencies:

Kansas Real Estate Commission Missouri Real Estate Commission

Your KCRAR Leadership

• KCRAR is governed by a Board of Directors voted for by its members. To review the association bylaws click here .

• Volunteer Committees , comprised of members, orchestrate and determine our direction in areas including fundraising, budgeting, lockboxes, education, forms, contracts, government affairs, networking and technology. All members, regardless of tenure, are encouraged to volunteer for committees so they may learn as well as contribute to the future of their industry. We hope you will volunteer, too. • The employees on staff at KCRAR are your partners. Their job is to assist you with store sales & affinity services, education, billing, technology issues and government affairs.

The role of everyone here is to help you, and to further the success of our industry.

The Departments of KCRAR

• • • • • • • • • • • Education Sales Contracts & Related Forms Lockbox Distribution Government Advocacy Communications Events & Networking Technology Services Membership Accounting Code of Ethics Enforcement & Arbitration REALTOR® store & Affinity Services for money-saving offers on products and programs


Our School is accredited by the Kansas and Missouri Real Estate Commissions and we are a proprietary school under the Kansas State Board of Education.

Jan Pringle,

WHS, CTM, GCREP-GL, AHWD Education Director

As a benefit of membership, all regular continuing education courses for license renewal are free of charge to you.

You’ll benefit from: An experienced, qualified, accredited faculty.

Timely curriculum focused on the most important topics.

Monthly scheduling of required and elective courses.

Various certification and designation programs.

“Road Show Series” workshops scheduled around the KC metro area.

Convenient online course registration at our website.

Read more here

Sherry Young

School Registrar

Sales Contracts & Related Forms

The myriad of legal forms you need for transacting your listings and sales are created at KCRAR by the knowledgeable, dedicated volunteers who serve on the Forms Committee. Production is overseen by KCRAR staff.

Perry Crume,

CIPS, RCE Sr. Vice President, KCRAR All documents are approved by legal counsel and are revised annually to reflect legal and regulatory requirements, member suggestions, and ease of use.

All forms are accessed online and can be electronically transmitted for review and signatures by your customers and clients.

This member benefit is provided free of charge.

Jennifer Martin, Broker, RE/MAX First REALTORS®, 2013 Chairperson KCRAR Forms Committee

For mortgage financing options to help you make more sales, check out

Lock Boxes

For the secure and reliable safekeeping of door keys at all your listings.

The Electronic Keybox System is a service of KCRAR.

Bruce McLaird

Supra System Administrator Supra is the Electronic Keybox and Lockbox System vendor. This is a secure, protected system that you pay for, so never share your password with anyone.

Members lease the lockboxes and they can be opened by special display keys or an Apple iPhone, Android or Blackberry. The KCRAR lobby staff assists with training and they have an ample supply of lockboxes whenever you need them. Read more here .

Government Advocacy

The KCRAR Governmental Affairs department is here to protect your business and ensure your voice is heard. The real estate industry faces constant legislative and regulatory proposals which can negatively impact your success by raising the cost of doing business or adding barriers to property ownership and real estate transactions. When informed REALTORS® speak their minds, lawmakers listen. Become a politically active and informed REALTOR® and join us as we continue to protect your livelihood. Read more here .

Derek Ramsay, RCE

VP for Missouri REALTOR® Advocacy & KCRAR Commercial

Jeff Carson

Director of Kansas REALTOR ® Advocacy, Former President of KCRAR and KAR


is our vehicle for helping to protect your business

What is RPAC?

RPAC is the REALTORS® Political Action Committee.

RPAC is the voice of tens of thousands of REALTORS® in the political arena. RPAC was established to help elect candidates at the Federal, State, and Local levels who are supportive of the free enterprise system and private property rights. RPAC is nonpartisan committee that supports candidates and officials that support our philosophy.

Why Contribute to RPAC?

RPAC is not simply giving money to political candidates; it is INVESTING in your business and your commitment to preserving the future of the real estate industry.

We belong to the “REALTOR® Party“ and we vote!

Read more here .

Communications We help you stay informed.

At KCRAR, we provide several newsletters, both online and in print.

Print options are available for our primary monthly publication, CONNECT, as well as a bimonthly broker-focused newsletter. Each month you’ll receive a print newsletter covering topics of the day from KCRAR and Heartland MLS. For the most recent online versions, click here .

Watch for our online newsletters, too. Remember to watch your email inbox for KCRAR publications.

Make the home page on your computer so you’ll always see news and events.

You can log on to HMLS/Matrix from there, too.

Join us on Facebook , Twitter , YouTube and Flickr .

Kyla Barcus

Director of Communications and Outreach

Mia Katz

Communications Manager

Events & Networking

An important component of your success in real estate is becoming acquainted with your fellow REALTORS®, so don’t miss these fun and valuable opportunities. Holiday Parties, Board Officer Installation Banquets, Silent Auctions, Charity Fund Raising, Golf Tournaments, Bowling, Cocktail Get-Togethers, RPAC… Watch the newsletters and email notices for upcoming events.

Carrie Stricker

Events Manager

Kelly Muehlberger

Membership, RPAC & YPN

Watch for YPN events, too.

The Young Professionals Network is an advocate for young REALTORS® Learn more here .

Michael Pierce

Practicing REALTOR® and Director of Emerging Technologies

Juli Everly

Member Benefits Representative

Technology Services

KCRAR provides the very latest information and assistance about the technologies that can advance your career.

◦ ◦ ◦ ◦ ◦ ◦ ◦ In-house, low-cost creation of your own website.

Just obtain your domain name and we’ll take it from there. Online sales contracts access and transmittal Classes on iPads Classes on website optimization Classes on social media marketing Best electronic purchases Best cell phone apps KCRAR stays on top of today’s technology so you can compete in this rapidly-changing market. Read more here

Membership Department and Your Records

You already met someone from the Membership Department, but you might contact them again in the future for adding a personal assistant or opening your own brokerage.

When you have changes regarding the following:

Home address Email address Phone number

You need to go to our website and after login, go to “Personal Information” to make updates for your personal record.

Tricia Grace, RCE

Senior Membership Coordinator


1. If you obtain a second license for KS or MO you need to notify us! Call our main number for instructions.

2. You must also notify the appropriate real estate commission(s) within 10 days of an address change.

Accounting & Billing

Our Accounting Department will help you with invoice questions, and MLS or KCRAR service interruptions due to billing issues. When you have a problem, just call.

We can help with your recordkeeping needs for taxes and budgeting-

Your history of all payments made to KCRAR and HMLS can be accessed on our website by clicking on “Accounting and Invoice Services.” Green billing system: for MLS fees.

You can pay your membership dues and invoices online, and you can set up automatic payments

REALTOR® Code of Ethics

Enforcement & Arbitration

All REALTORS ® pledge to uphold the Code of Ethics. KCRAR processes complaints from the public and among REALTOR® members when accusations of violations take place.

We also hear grievances when member brokerages are in dispute. Information for filing a complaint is found here.

All members are required to complete Code of Ethics training every four years of membership, and new members like you need to complete it in your first 60 days, per our bylaws. The course will be found here in Part #3 .

Debbie Strange, RCE

Executive Assistant & Professional Standards Manager

REALTOR® Store & Affinity Services Helping you save money

• The KCRAR lobby store offers reduced prices on products such as specialty signage, mortgage calculators or open house flags. Our purchasing power allows us to pass the savings along to you.

• Our Affinity Partners provide attractive pricing for a myriad of products: car rentals, electronic purchases, health insurance, house cleaning, junk removal, office supplies, car tires & batteries, and more. Read more here .

Linda Wyssmann

Store Sales, Receptionist, Member Services

Linda Dennis

Lobby Receptionist, Member Services

Tips for Success

Take it from the top producers… The road to success has many requirements, but there are three things that will form the basis of your achievement.

1. Education

Be pro-active instead of re-active. Attend courses on various topics before you need them. The day your client asks about short sales, for example, is not the day to start learning about them. Pursue designations and certifications - ask your Broker for suggestions. Attend at least one KCRAR CE class every month and attend our networking and Roadshow events.

2. Professionalism

A true professional follows rules, laws, Professional Courtesies, and the Code of Ethics to the letter without cutting corners, and they always put the customer first. Also, remember you need to look the part if you want to inspire trust and confidence with your clients and your peers, so dressing for success is important.

3. Commitment

Stay determined! Nothing great was ever achieved with a half-hearted attitude. Set your goals high, revise them over time, and create the future you want through dedication, determination and customer service.

Congratulations on completing Part I of your Orientation. We welcome you to KCRAR and we wish you success in your new career. Remember that we’re eager to help you in any way possible, and I look forward to seeing you at some of our many classes and events.

Diane Ruggiero, CAE, RCE KCRAR Chief Executive Officer The last part of your KCRAR Orientation is to become familiar with our

Professional Courtesies.

This list was compiled by your peers at KCRAR and it’s a way of doing business that we promote and respect. So please read and study these guidelines, and put them into practice in your daily business. Courtesy, simply put, is respect for others – and we all deserve that from our fellow REALTORS®. Click here.

Best wishes,



Parts 2 & 3

Part 2

Watch the 20-minute video about your membership with the National Association of REALTORS®. Click you’ll use that site often.

here . While at the NAR website, go to the home page and set up your password and user name because You will be asked for your “NRDS” number. (National REALTOR® Database System.) Find it here and write it down and keep a record of it.

Part 3

Complete the online Code of Ethics training at the NAR website. Click here.

This will take approximately 2 ½ hours.

When you have finished the Ethics course, you will receive an email from NAR confirming your completion. YOU MUST FORWARD THAT EMAIL TO: [email protected]

Remember that!

Best wishes for a prosperous and happy career.