SS6CG5b European Union

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Transcript SS6CG5b European Union

SS6CG5b European
1. Why did many
Western European
nations decide to
switch to a single
A single currency
would make it easier
to trade with each
2. Why do you think
each country wants to
mint its own coins?
Each country will still
be able to retain its
own identity.
3. Today in Western
Europe how do
citizens take part in
the government?
Citizens are able to
vote and also citizens
can be members of
political parties.
4. What was the original
goal of the European
The original goal was
to encourage trade.
5. Why did many former
Communist countries
join the European
Many former
Communist countries
want to gain
economic and political
6. What must Eastern
European countries
do before they can
join the EU?
Many of the countries
first make legal,
economic and
7. Look at the
photograph on page
A. List the countries on
the Euro plaque.
B. Which countries in
the EU have not
adopted the euro as
A. Austria, Belgium,
Finland, France,
Germany, Ireland,
Italy, Luxembourg,
Portugal, and Spain
Denmark, Greece,
Sweden, United
8. Why did many
European countries
adopt the euro?
A single currency
makes international
trade much simpler.
9. What have members
of the EU done to
improve trade? List
three things.
Members of the EU
have done away with
tariffs, lifted border
controls and made
development loans.
10. What is a tariff?
What effect does it
have on the cost of
A tariff is a duty or fee
(tax) that must be
paid on imported or
exported goods.
Tariffs make goods
more expensive.
11. What steps did the
EU take to improve
the environment in
Romania? List 3
Built a new waste
treatment system
recycling centers
cleanup up old
dumping ground.
12. How might
problems affect a
nations economy, as
well as that of its
The environmental
problems may be too
costly to repair, also
some of the problems
such as air pollution
can affect other
13. How is the EU improving
lives of people? List 5
Helps to raise the
standard of living
Provides job training
Allows people to work in
any member country
Allows people to vote in
local elections wherever
they live
Protects people’s rights
through a Court of Justice
14. Why would it be
helpful for all
members of the EU to
have similar legal
Having a similar legal
system makes laws
fair and easy to
understand and
15. What are some
examples of cultural
diversity among EU
nations? List 3
People speaking
different languages
unique foods
Certain ways of doing
Special games and
16. What conveniences
do most major
European cities offer?
Excellent public
sidewalk cafes
17. What are the main
problems facing the
European Union?
Conflicting cultural
National pride
Economic inequality
among members
Describe the benefits of being a
member of the European Union.
Trade among countries without tariffs,
improving the standard of living, improving
\/correcting environmental issues.
Explain why it is important for
Eastern European countries to
improve their economies before
they can join the European Union.
Countries with poor economies are not self
sufficient and can hurt or bring down the
economy of the other countries.
Why do you think some European
countries that are members of the
EU have not adopted the euro as
their form of currency?
Many countries want to retain their own identity,
some fear that having one currency will lead to a
European super state, some fear that it is too
expensive and others fear that if the euro is a
failure that may hurt them financially.