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Welcome to Chemistry!
Fall 2007:
58 New Freshmen
16 New Transfers
+20 from other UA majors
94 students new to chemistry!
Congratulations to You!
For getting involved, getting
to know others, and
beginning to stand out
from the rest of the crowd!
It’s not always what you
But who you know, and
what they think of you!
For today…
Surviving and Thriving in Chemistry!
Information to help you now
• common struggles - what do you do?
Possibilities for your future
• Program aspects to enhance your
educational experience!
Robin’s Top 10 Tips for Success
• Keep your eyes on the prize!
New-found freedom! High Expectations!
Struggles with time management
Roommate incompatibility
New distractions & new peer pressures
Not used to asking for help; lack of selfadvocacy skills
Balancing course load while navigating
these transitions is challenging!
Transfer Students
• Online catalog only & different support
• Commuting to campus inhibits
participation – feel like outsiders
• Transfer credits as pre-reqs to UA courses
not seamless
• Fewer options for classes – less flexibility
• Assumptions that you already know how
college works
Can amount to a less tolerant
environment and frustration.
UA students who switched majors
• Assumptions that you know
everything about the UA policies, SAPR, procedures,
• Different levels of support
and information depending
on your former
department(s) – NMS?
Can get easily overlooked!
We can help!
Please know that we care! Let’s identify
the problem and make necessary
See me right away for perspective, options,
and referrals to campus resources that can
also help you.
Undergraduate Program
Robin Rarick
Undergraduate Program Coordinator
Which Degree Program is
Right for You?
• BS CHEM (ACS Certified)
• BS Science Education (CHEM Option)
New HSF Scholarship!
Consider your goals – which is the best
fit for you?
Exploring Interdisciplinary Work
• Combine your interests
by working on a unique
research project
• Choose a complimentary
• Dual major or degree
Chemistry majors have blended
their chemistry with:
Pharmacology & toxicology
Plant Sciences
Chemical Engineering
Environmental science
Materials science
Strive to be well-rounded; take part
in a variety of activities
(strategic choices in electives)
(research, internship,
REU, job)
(clubs, preceptor,
SA, etc.)
Having of all three aspects enables you to be stand out
and be more competitive!
Be in High Demand!
Getting Started
Consider your post-grad plans – work
backward from that point and start
planning now, what you can do and when
to reach those goals
Unsure of your future plans? Then start
with anything that sounds fun and
interesting! Grow from there…
Special Programs to Consider
Jamie Ross;
Synthesis Facility
• Lab tour program; see what we do in chemistryStart shopping for projects!
• Attend Department seminars – open to the public
and free!
• Talk to your professors about what they do
• See Robin for the forms to enroll for credit
• Consider summer REUs at schools of interest
• Watch the listserv for additional opportunities as
they emerge
Take advantage of opportunities for
travel & presentations
Eri Nakatani; winner 2006
• Merck Travel Grant for conference funding
• Go to national ACS meetings & others
• Present your own research findings at local
chemistry symposia; Undergraduate Fair &
Poster Contest
• Go to England on exchange for chemistry;
3rd year!
Grow as a Leader
SAACS Magic Show 2005
•Work in the chemistry preproom
•Be a CoS Ambassador
•Teach a section of chemistry lab; SA program
•Be a chemistry preceptor
•Attend leadership workshops
•Join SAACS; and become an officer
•Help to establish a new club
Robin’s Top 10 Tips for Success
#10 Get savvy about finding
Know how to use the UA website, catalog, and
online resources
#9 Make no excuses
It’s your job to know
things like policies and
Give yourself enough
time; things always take
longer than you think.
Remember, you are the
one who has to deal
with the ramifications of
poor planning!
#8 Monitor your progress
Know the requirements for your
degree and graduation - as they
pertain to YOUR catalog year
use check lists
learn to read your SAPR to monitor
progress – report inconsistencies to
your major advisor!
See your advisor each term or at
least once per year
#7 Don’t assume
Double check with
advisors; do not rely on
what you hear from
friends as it may not
pertain to your
what’s that? we
can take diff-eq
instead of
vector calc?
#6 Be professional
take notes during meetings and keep
them organized, be respectful of
others’ time; learn to network
Mind your cell phone manners
#5 Discover your strengths
Take risks by using this time to
try new things
go beyond the classroom
experience for better perspective
take additional classes (beyond
the minimum) that you find
become well rounded
and build your confidence!
#4 Start building a resume
P.S. Send me a copy &
Stay on the radar!
Start a portfolio or
résumé and add to it
each year as you gain
more experience; have
someone review it and
provide feedback
don’t underestimate
#3 Learn to advocate for yourself
Only you know what you
need; be persistent; learn
who to ask, what to ask, and
how to ask. Don’t be shy!
Remember, we can do so much
more for those who can
articulate their needs and
#2 Be Realistic
Be honest with yourself;
recognize when something is
not working for you and take
action, have multiple back-up
plans and be prepared to
change directions
do things for the right reasons,
please yourself and you’ll find
happiness and success
#1 Keep your Eyes on the Prize!
If you run into trouble
seek help right away – it’s
usually not as bad as you
think, and advisors can offer
advice and perspective –
don’t run away!
A few last thoughts…
 Use the free tutoring available in chemistry, math, and
other subject areas
Participate in campus programs, career services, etc.
Take advantage of priority advising and registration
Be mindful of deadlines to drop, add, and change units in
your schedule
Use the UG Majors Lounge to connect with other
chemistry students (#55121)
Check your email!
Other questions/concerns?
Come and ask Robin!
Good luck this term!