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Affinity Vendor Partner Introduction
March 2007
Product - Aruba’s Mobile Edge Solution
Aruba provides a Secured Mobility Solution that enables enterprises to deliver
mobility services to their mobile users (laptops, PDA’s, VoIP handsets, dual-mode cell
phones, RFID tags, etc.)
Purpose-built infrastructure that sits over the wired infrastructure
Overlay to any existing underlying wired infrastructure
Agnostic to the existing underlying wired infrastructure, so is compatible with installed
networks from any incumbent vendors (e.g. Avaya, Cisco, Nortel and others)
Client-independent so does not require any proprietary application to run in the client
Products set
Customers only need Aruba mobility controllers (MC) and Aruba access points (AP)
Max. # of APs
Max. # of Users
Typical Deployment
Aruba 6000
Aruba 2400
Aruba 800
Aruba 200
Large Campus
Regional Office
Branch Office
Small Offices/
Retail Store
Software licenses enable advanced features such as VPN, Wireless Intrusion Detection,
Policy Enforcement firewall, Enhanced Voice Services, and endpoint client scanning.
APs are available in single radio, dual radio, ruggedized outdoor models.
All MC products contain the same ArubaOS software and application options.
Who buys Aruba solutions and why?
Aruba solutions extend corporate PBX functionality to mobile devices and provide
seamless roaming with extremely high level of security and guest access. The
following segments are early adopters for these services:
Education (Higher-Ed and K-12);
Healthcare (mobile applications for doctors, nurses, staff; guest access for patients);
Retail (warehouses, stores, Payment Card Industry -PCI- v1.1 compliant, corporate offices);
Manufacturing (factories and warehouses);
Government (central/federal as well as local/state, FIPS140-2 compliant and xSec solutions)
Aruba products fit best in the mid to large enterprise market segment. The typical midmarket target customer would start from a few hundred employees.
Aruba products also apply to branch/remote office and SOHO applications (enabling
employees to work on the corporate data and telephone network securely - from anywhere with the same user experience as when in the office).
Why do customers buy Aruba solutions? Because of 3 key differentiators
Aruba makes the Enterprise become mobile. Mobility means having identical voice &
data enterprise services truly from anywhere, i.e. at the office, on the road and from home;
Security based on user credentials rather than port credentials. Users credentials
follow the users wherever they are located or move to;
Lower total cost. Typically a 10:1 ratio compared to competitive solutions that require more
boxes and a more complex infrastructure to operate.
How you make money –
Aruba Vendor Ecosystem
■ Aruba Ecosystem enables “attach rate” with the following vendors / solutions
Avaya VoWLAN: provides mobility infrastructure
Fortinet: scales wired users remediation to include wireless users
RSA SecurID: extend RSA solution to wireless users
Spectralink: Aruba is 100% certified interoperable with Spectralink
Aruba also sells as an overlay to any existing wired network: Easily add mobility
services over any installed wired network (e.g. Cisco, Nortel, Extreme)
■ Sell Aruba over any existing WLAN to add Intrusion Detection/Prevention and
provide one of the highest level of security available today
■ Extend any existing Enterprise WLAN over the Internet to home users
(Executives, telecommuters), with the Aruba Remote AP solution
■ Aruba helps you win more business
■ VARs earn about 15% sales margin with Aruba solutions; and 10% commission
per year on reselling Aruba maintenance services (ArubaCare).
■ Aruba solutions are less complex to install and maintain, so end user Capex &
Opex are drastically reduced.
■ Once installed, an Aruba solution makes it easy for customers to add mobility
applications – enabling VARs to sell more gear and applications to their installed
■ Deal registration to protect Resellers developing business opportunities.
How we work together
Pre-Sales and Post Sales – for certified partners
Training, Certifications, Contracts and Quotas
Access to Support Web: technical tips, release notes, online manuals, etc.
Access to Westcon TAC: Aruba specialists at Westcon provide customer case posting &
escalation; partner portal access for software download also included
Opportunistic engagement: no contract, project-basis, limited support
Aruba Certified Solution Provider (CSP) program
■ Benefits include: MDF for lead generation campaigns, end user leads, free technical
training seats, pre and post sales support
■ Requirement: 2+ Aruba ACMX (Aruba Certified Mobility Expert) engineers, purchase
demo system and join Aruba Ecosystem (Gold partners)
■ Training: Online CBT and in classes (technical / sales tracks; Westcon locations)
■ Quotas per annum: CSP with no accreditation: $250K; Silver CSP: $500K, Gold CSP:
Quotes, Ordering and Delivery
■ The Order Entry, Delivery, and RMA processes are managed through Westcon
■ Leadtime: 2-4 weeks ARO
Next Steps – Getting Started
Participate in Aruba’s next Webinar, Seminar or Road Show
Enroll in one-day Sales/Presales kick-off training
Sign contract; enroll in training; enjoy the benefits
Where to find information on Westcon Group web program sites
The VAR gets 50% discount (i.e. $1,800 Net)
Become Aruba Certified Mobility Partner
Classroom style; several dates scheduled;
managed by Westcon with Aruba SEs
Purchase Aruba Demo Kit
Various dates and locations or; select Vendors, then
select Aruba Networks
Westcon SalesVision Tool
WGNA Intranet / Manufacturer site (for Westcon internal sales teams)
■ Aruba Networks
■ Doug DiNunzio, Mgr. Strategic Partnerships, [email protected], 508-925-7115
■ Westcon
■ Dan Pirro, Group Commercial Sales Manager, [email protected], 514-420-5417
Opportunity Finder
■ Have you
sold . . .
■ To this type of
customer . . .
■ Here is the
Opportunity :
■ Product
Name :
Avaya IP Office or
Nortel BCM
Small offices or retail
stores with 50 -100
Extending corporate
PBX functionality to
all mobile devices
Aruba 200 model
with up to 6 APs
systems (e.g.
Avaya CM or
Nortel CS1K)
Headquarters or large
campus environment
Mobility services
deployed as an overlay on top of existing
wired network
Aruba 6000 model
serving over 8,000
users; add clusters
for larger systems
Standalone wireless
access points
Mid to large
manufacturing entity,
Education or
Provide seamless
roaming w/ extremely
high level of security
and guest access
Aruba 800, 2400 or
6000 model scaling
from 256 users with
up to 512 APs
Fortinet, RSA,
regional or branch
Extend wired security
to include mobile
Aruba 800, 2400 or
6000 model