The Motorcycle Diaries

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Transcript The Motorcycle Diaries

By Che Guevara
Assignment #3
 After
having viewed the first half of the
movie “The Motorcycle Diaries”, answer
the questions listed on the next page.
 I want you to answer these on a Microsoft
Word or PowerPoint document and submit
them online to me under Motorcycle
Diaries #3.
 If you have any questions, raise your
hand, and don’t cry about it.
1. The two friends are introduced by the way of short ‘biogs’,
like a fact file in a magazine. What details are we given about
each of them and why?
2. What is the relationship between Ernesto and his mother
like? What does this say about his character at this point in
the story?
3. The first stop along the journey is at the home of Chinchina,
Ernesto’s girlfriend. How are her family portrayed and why
do you think this stay is presented in some detail in the film?
4. What is the mood in the early stages of the film? Consider:
What do we see the characters doing and saying? What
locations do we see? What effect do the lighting and sound
5. How is the difference in character between Ernesto and
Alberto conveyed even in these early stages?
10. How are the psychological changes that the pair go through
on the road reflected in their physical appearance in this
stage of the film?
11. The film takes on a much more symbolic tone during this
stage; for example Ernesto talks about the river as more
than just a physical division of the two parts of the colony.
What other imagery or symbolism can you think of
during their time at the colony?
13. Is the film what you understand by ‘a diary’? What were
your expectations beforeyou saw the film and were they
realized? Would you include more traditional ‘diary’
After getting a sense of Che Guevara’s
accomplishments and epic journey, answer
the following question in a short essay (250
 If you had the chance to travel around any
country in the world, for free, on a
motorcycle or in a Jeep, where would you
Who would you take with you and why?
Why that country?
Which cities would you visit?
What else would you do?
Would you want to return some day and live
there permanently?