Community Infrastructure Levy Waveney’s experience so far

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Transcript Community Infrastructure Levy Waveney’s experience so far

Green Infrastructure Strategy
• World of Planning
• November 2014
• Jack Green
• Planning Policy Officer
• Waveney District Council
What is Green Infrastructure?
• Interconnected green spaces and corridors
Public and private spaces
Nature reserves
Heritage assets
Playing fields
Links between sites in the form of green corridors, trees and
Why are we doing a
Green Infrastructure Strategy?
• Improve our understanding of existing green infrastructure in the
• Identify different types of green infrastructure.
• See how is it connected.
• Better understanding of how it relates to local communities.
• Identify local issues.
• Identify opportunities to improve provision.
Why are we doing a Green
Infrastructure Strategy? Con’t…
• Identify projects that may qualify for, or require, CIL funding.
• Through consultation, involve communities to highlight local issues.
• Prioritise projects to best meet community needs and identify
resource required to deliver projects.
• Update our evidence base to support the Local Plan.
Evidence Bases
• Allotments
• Biodiversity
• Green Corridors
• Open Space Needs Assessment
• Playing Pitch and Outdoor Sports Facilities Assessment
Playing Pitch and Outdoor Sports
Facilities Assessment
• List of facilities and clubs that
use them.
• Future demand.
• Suggested approach to
improve provision (new
facilities and improving existing
– List of protected sites.
– Key areas the provide
links between seminatural areas and areas
of biodiversity value.
– Maps showing areas of
• Identify current
shortfalls and
where future
provision may be
Green Corridors
• Identify existing routes
(alongside roads and
traffic free).
• Identifying potential
new routes to improve
connections between
green spaces and
Open Space Needs Assessment
• Types of open space includes:
– play spaces
– amenity space
– parks and gardens
• Assessment includes:
how much provision (area, number of sites)
Open Space Needs Assessment:
Play Space
• Example:
Map of
quality of
play spaces
(and their
What will the Green Infrastructure
Strategy Include?
• Visual based document
– Summary of the key findings of the evidence bases.
– Summary of the key findings in each area (eg. Beccles).
– Map of each area identifying all spaces.
– Identify areas that should be improved or where additional
provision is required.
– Areas where accessibility should be improved.
Next Steps…
• The draft Green Infrastructure Strategy will be available for public
– tentative date of Nov 26th to January 9th
– Town and Parish Councils will be notified
• Opportunity to highlight issues in the local area that could be
included in the Strategy
Green Infrastructure Strategy