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Transcript Tyze Overview - Cossette - Surrey Care Association

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Sara McGinley
UK Director
[email protected]
Our Experience & Partners
• Founded by PLAN, an organisation that has been replicated
internationally; 20 years of experience creating personal networks
• Tyze was created to distribute widely PLAN’s strategic approach to
addressing isolation
• International leadership and recognition: The Meritorious Service
Medal of Canada, Canadian Psychological Association's
Humanitarian Award and the Arthur Kroeger Award for Public Policy.
• Working with NESTA, Shared Lives, Nominet Trust and the
Gulbenkian Foundation in the UK
No one should have to face illness, disability or
caregiving on their own
Isolation is costly.
Health effects of isolation have been
found to be more hazardous than smoking.
House (2001); Holt-Lunstad et al. (2010).Brummett et al., (2001); Age UK Oxfordshire (2011). Campaign to End Loneliness.
The Need - UK
• 51% of all people aged 75 and over live alone’
• Nearly 200,000 older people in the UK can’t leave
their house or flat’
• Carers save the UK £119 billion a year²
• Over half say ‘health affected’ due to the care
they provide³
• 5-6m people spend 40+ hours a week providing
‘informal’ care
Solution-focused approaches are needed
1.Carers UK website
2.Survey of Carers in Households 2009-10. NHS
3.Cited in Safeguarding the Convoy: A call to action from the Campaign to End Loneliness (2011)
Tyze creates personal, private,
secure, online networks that
strengthen relationships and
contribute to improved outcomes
and reductions in the cost of care.
Network Model of Care
I was reflecting today how meaningful it’s
been for me to be a member of Kim’s
network. Being with you all on this journey
has been amazing and inspiring.
Kim really wants to take Ken to a
Seahawk’s game and I say we help her
make it happen! Who’s in?
Branded Landing Page
How Tyze is Different
Privacy and Security
• Hosted application with no software
residing on individual computers.
• We use Hypertext Transfer Protocol
Secure (HTTPS) - provides
encryption and secures identification
of the server.
• Successfully completed the BC
Government’s Privacy Assessment
• Meets HIPAA compliance
Sharing the care
• 91% of users say Tyze helped
them to share information
• 75% of users say they work with
others to provide care and support
• 70% of users say Tyze helped
them to contribute to a care task
“I was able to keep up to speed on a crisis
situation, getting regular updates”
Governments, health and social care providers
benefit from cost efficiencies and increased service
effectiveness by employing collaborative approaches
to care.
Everyone Benefits
• Cost efficiencies
• Improved health
and social outcomes
• Reduced
• Improved
• Improved health and
social outcomes
• Practical tool for selfmanagement
• Extension of
• Communications &
fundraising vehicle
• Improved care coordination
• “Share the care”
• Reduced stress
• Clear and simple way to
Options available
• Customised, branded Tyze site
• In-person training
• Network hosting for up to 100 carer
• Hosting and support
• Subscription to our E-Learning System
• A focused brochure
• Monthly metric reports
• Customised surveys sent to all network
• Up front investment, low ongoing
User feedback
Care | Connect | Contribute
We are better together