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IBFE Programme Director Talk for Returning Students

Manchester Business School

Dr Danielle Lyssimachou

IBFE Programme Director [email protected]

Some Updates for 2012/13

New: Online Undergraduate Handbook

 https://ughandbook.portals.mbs.ac.uk/ 

New: Alan Gilbert Learning Commons

 http://www.library.manchester.ac.uk/aboutus/proje cts/aglc/ 

New: Group Study Room in C11, MBS East

 Can be booked via D20, available 10am-4pm

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On-line Registration:

 Deadline for registering for this academic year is the end of September , after which there will be a fine!

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Reminders Changing optional course choices:

  Instructions are available via the

online UG handbook


: you must take these courses as well  


: you must have passed at 40% or more (not a compensated fail) Deadline for choosing courses is Friday 5th October 2012

Choosing seminar groups:

 Move from ‘ holding seminar ’ (SEM0 or WSP0) slot of your choice to the

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Reminders – Degree weightings

  

Year 1: Zero Year 2: 25% Year 3: 75%

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How to do well academically

 Mindset – Student vs. Professional  Attending lectures/workshops – Passive vs. Active learning  Self-discipline / Work consistently  Form Study Groups  Make use of “Office Hours”  Don’t be afraid to make “mistakes” – that is how you learn!

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Receiving feedback on your work https://ughandbook.portals.mbs.ac.uk/Myas sessment/Feedback.aspx

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Career Development – thinking of the future?

 Meeting with your Academic Adviser  Careers Service (events, presentations)  Ground Floor, Crawford House  Website: www.manchester.ac.uk/careers  Other opportunities (see next slide)

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Exciting Opportunities


International Case Study Competitions (3 rd students only) year 2.

Bloomberg Investment Competition (2 nd year students) / 3 rd 3.

Library Training – E.g.

Bloomberg Essentials Training Programme


Network / Join Societies (IBFE society, MUTIS)

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International Case Study Competitions

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More Details

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Selection Process

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Selection Criteria

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Bloomberg Investment Competition

 Inter-university Trading Game: Buying/Selling shares in the FTSE 350 over a limited period (6-8 weeks in Oct/Nov 2012)  4 groups x 2 students representing MBS  Some training on how to use Bloomberg will be provided  Prizes: Winning teams will be offered: 1.


2013 Summer Internship Interview Insight Day in Bloomberg (including lunch with senior managers)  More details in the next 1-2 weeks via email

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Where to seek info/help:

 Online Undergraduate Handbook  https://ughandbook.portals.mbs.ac.uk/  Undergraduate Office (D20, MBS East) or email:  [email protected]

 UG Student Support Office (D14, MBS East)  For mitigating circumstances

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Other sources of support:

 Academic Advisor  Course unit Co-ordinators  for module – specific issues  IBFE Programme Administrator & IBFE Programme Director  for general IBFE – related questions

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Work hard

– your grades all count towards your final degree classification If you find yourself in need help or support –


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Good luck for the forthcoming year!

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