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Welcome Back!
2014/15 – Final Year
Penny Clarke
Programme Director BSc Accounting
[email protected]
International Undergraduate Case
Competitions 2014-15
Citi International Case Competition
HKUST campus - Hong Kong
October 26 - October 31, 2014
(and one of the following)
John Molson Undergraduate Case Competition (JMUCC)
Montreal, Canada, February 22 - March 1, 2015
Sauder Summit Global Case Competition
Vancouver, Canada, March 9 -15, 2015
Belgrade Business International Case Competition
Belgrade, Serbia, 24 - 29 March, 2015
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Teams of 4 students (MBS final year, any
Compete against students from the
world’s premier business schools
 CV, cover letter and copy of first and
second year grades to Viv Browne by
12pm on Monday 29th September 2014
 Send to: [email protected]
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Monday 29 September – CV, covering
letter and grades to be e-mailed to Viv
Browne by 12.00 pm
 Tuesday 30 September – Shortlisted
students who will go forward for
selection process will be advised.
 Wednesday
1 October (Crawford
Lecture Theatre 1) – 1:00pm – 6.00pm
Student Selection Process will take
 Wednesday 8 October onwards –
formal training sessions will commence
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Selection Criteria
Course grades to date
Communication and presentation skills
Ability to work in a group
Leadership/ambassador role
Organisational skills
NB students must have a valid passport/visa for
travel to Canada/Hong MBS
Academic Advisor Arrangements
for 2014/15
Academic Advisers
 Penny Clarke, Natalya Shiryaeva and Mike
Arrange a meeting with your academic
advisor if you need to (come and see us or
send an e-mail)
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
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 On-line
Deadline for registering is 30 September
2014 after which a late registration fee of
up to £200 will be charged
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Changing optional course choices:
Instructions are available via the MBS UG intranet
Co-requisites: you must take these courses as well
Pre-requisites: you must have passed at 40% or more (not a
compensated fail)
Choose your courses by 3 October 2014
Choosing seminar groups:
Move from ‘holding seminar / workshop’ to the slot of your
Programme amendments:
• Via D20 ASAP
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Degree Classification –
Weighted Average
The overall mark for a programme is a weighted
average of the overall marks for different years of the
For the BSc (Hons) in Accounting 3 year programme,
the weightings are:
The overall mark ranges for determining
– Year 1: Zero
– Year 2: 25%
– Year 3: 75%
final class are:
· for class 1, not less than 70.0%;
· for class 2i, less than 70.0% but not less
than 60.0%;
· for class 2ii, less than 60.0% but not
less than 50.0%;
· for class 3, less than 50.0% but not less
than 40.0%.
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Degree Classification
A student may be considered for the next higher class of degree by the
For the different classes, the boundary zones are:
 for class 1, less than 70.0% but not less than 68.0%;
 for class 2i, less than 60.0% but not less than 58.0%;
 for class 2ii, less than 50.0% but not less than 48.0%;
 for class 3, less than 40.0% but not less than 38.0%.
For class 1, 2i or 2ii, a student should:
 obtain an overall mark in the boundary zone for that class; and
 reach the pass mark (40%) in individual course units totalling at least
100 credits (five sixths) of the 120 credits required for the final year;and
 obtain at least 80 credits (four sixths) of the 120 credits for the final
year in or above the mark range required for that class
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Sources of information
Online Undergraduate Handbook:
Regulations – incl. progression and classification
Undergraduate Office (D20) or email:
[email protected]
UG Student Support Office (D14)
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Reminders for 2014/15
 Attendance
 Absence from class
 Mitigating circumstances
 Academic integrity
 Personal development plans
 Student Charter – see on-line handbook
 The Learning Commons
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Exclusive to BSc Accounting students
CFA Research
Challenge Info Brief
2014 Winners, University of the Philippines
~ Your chance to gain a place at the
Finals in Atlanta
12.00 on 29 September 2014
Room: B4 MBS East
2013 Winners, Wroclaw University of Economics
‘’The CFA Institute Research Challenge is an annual global competition that provides university
students with hands-on mentoring and intensive training in financial analysis. Students gain
real-world experience as they assume the role of a research analyst and are tested on their
ability to value a stock, write a report, and present their recommendations.’’
Sayali Panse, from CFA Society of the UK will present what is involved along with the timeline
of the Challenge and what you can expect by the end of this Challenge. Do NOT miss this
RSVP to CFA Director; [email protected]
Career Development –
thinking of the future?
UPP Networking Event
Wednesday 5 November; MBS East Atrium; 5pm
Opportunity to network with potential employers
BDO, Deloitte, EY, KPMG, Mazars & PwC and others
E-mail Viv ([email protected]) to confirm
your attendance
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Upcoming Employability
1 October – Accounting Opportunities for Chinese
students – ICAEW Regional Director for China – email
27 October – MyFuture – whole day event providing
opportunities to meet employers, recruitment
professionals, obtain careers advice and practise
elements of application process – link on email
12 November – Women in Accountancy – ICAEW
event – inspirational speakers talking about their
experiences in the commercial world and hear about
opportunities in accountancy – watch out
Watch out for sign-up in the e-bulletin and on
university communications or ask
[email protected]
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Work hard – your grades all count
towards your final degree classification
If you find yourself in need help or support
[email protected]
[email protected]
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