Blogging and Telecollaboration

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Projects in the
Technology Rich
Irving Elementary Teachers
Wichita, Kansas
What is TRC
• TRC stands for Technology Rich
• The project is a collaborative partnership
between the Kansas State Department of
Education, The Advanced Learning
Technologies in Education Consortia,
ALTEC, and Wexford, Inc.
Creating 21st Century Learners
• Our Goal was to seamlessly integrate
technology in the classroom by utilizing it
to enhance learning already taking place.
TRC classrooms prepare students by
equipping them with 21st century skills
employers are looking for such as:
interpersonal skills, complex problem
solving and collaboration.
The Effects on Our Students
• Differentiated supported student learning
• Heterogeneous groupings allowed for peer
tutoring, collaboration and accountability
• Increased parent attendance at events
showcased technology
• Leaders Emerged!
• Kansas Technology Rich Classrooms
• Technology Rich Classrooms ProjectWichita Public Schools
What is a Blog?
• an online diary; a personal chronological
log of thoughts published on a Web page;
also called a web log
How can Blogs be used in the
Language Arts
Response to text
Check for prior knowledge
Share ideas
Make predictions
Social Studies and Science
– Check for prior knowledge
– Compile information (research)
What is Inspiration?
• Primarily educational software
• Helps the user create graphic organizers
in many different ways
– Outlines
– Concept Maps
– Webs
• Useful in all subject areas
Examples of ways to use
Writing Web
Concept Map
Character Map
Outline for Reports
More examples of uses
• Helps students write descriptive sentences
• Helps organize ideas for persuasive
writing essays
• Helps organize steps in problem solving
Inspiration with Power Point
• Students take notes using the software in
outline format
• Then students import the information into
the PowerPoint application
• Next students can focus on adding
pictures and backgrounds, thus the focus
is on the content instead of the visual
options offered by PowerPoint
An example of
a concept
map created
by a 4th grade
National Parks
What is Podcasting?
• Podcasting is the creation and distribution
of amateur radio.
• iPod + broadcasting
Things you need for a Podcast
• A digital audio recorder that can create an
• Space on a server to host the file
• A blog and something to say
Educational uses for Podcasts
• Students make a podcasts to share with
the class and the public on content area
they are learning.
– Teaching safety tips for certain weather
conditions (Tornado Safety)
– Recording literature circles or class
discussions about a book being read in class
– Teaching health tips during flu season
• We use iPods as an easy to carry and
store listening center. The students are
able to listen to the story and follow along
in their books.
• We also load educational songs onto the
iPods to help students learn different
Using Podcasts to teach
• Subscribe to podcasts with your iPod for
professional development purposes
• Subscribe to “how-to” podcasts that teach
your students to speak another language
or about another content area
• Subscribe to National Geographic Vidcast
and take virtual fieldtrips
Using Podcasts to teach
• Students can create morning
announcements, they can be emailed to
teachers, who will then be able to listen to
or play the announcements at a time that
is convenient for them.
• Students can record stories that they have
read or stories that they have created so
that other students can listen to them.
How kids can use iPods to learn
• You can use your ipods to help teach reading
fluency. If your reading adoption has fluency cds
then you can put tracks onto your ipod and have
students practice reading out loud with the
iPods. This is a great reading center.
• You could also download a podcast and then
have students practice taking notes on what they
hear. This would be a good listening skill center.
• Educational songs can be downloaded for
reviewing educational concepts.
Places where you can download
• If you would like
more information on itunes go to the
following link.
Podcast Websites
• The education podcast network
• This is the USD 259’s resource page for
Podcasting by our technology specialist
Brad Niessen.
Track Star
Getting on Track with Track
A maintained site at that
allows teachers to specify sites they
want students to explore.
Don’t reinvent the Wheel!
• Find teacher resources by doing key word
• Find student resources, that have already
been created.
• Make your own Track.
Narrowing the Focus to Reach all
• Differentiate
• Math
• Center Time
• Reading- Enrichment
• Research
• Allows the teacher to
find sites with
appropriate reading
levels and information
• Make worksheets,
tests, or take notes.
Exploring Track Star
Hurricanes- 26422
Wolves- 243514
Skeletal System-236741
Kansas Day-276087
Resources - 3