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Streamline ERP for Garments

Company Introduction

 Coimbatore based development center.  Staff strength of 15 people.

 Caters to all types of garment and textile manufacturing industries.

 Current customers are based in Sri Lanka and Bangladesh.

Name Jay Jay Mills

Client List

Location Industry Sri Lanka and Bangladesh Knit Garments and Fabrics

Streamline Unique Selling Points

 Configurable system like SAP and Ramco  Can accommodate any sequence of processes.

 Fully Integrated ERP with production planning to enable accurate decision making.

 Configurable Drill down reporting with charts.

 Java Based - Internet enabled

Configurable Order Planning

 Configure new processes in the system  Define the inputs and output types of materials  Give your own formula for calculation of consumption  No need for any patch work programming as new process requirements arise

Chains & Recipes


 Accommodate special processes like single feeder knitting.

 Yarn -> Garment  Fabric -> Garment  Yarn -> Fabric  Knits and wovens  Carpets, Shoes, Jackets

Purchasing & Allocations

 Purchase requirement taken from order planning.  Purchase in advance based on forecast  Allocate from bulk purchase orders  Allocate from past order remaining  De-Allocate and Allocate to manage priorities  Balance material demand, material available and material ordered.

Purchase Screen

Demand Planning Screen

Stock Optimiser Screen

Tax Profiles

 Multiple Tax profiles attached to supplier  Charge based on final Amount  Charge based on final Amount plus other charges  Charge based on other charge amount (surcharge)  Percentage or Amount entered by user

Tax-Profile Screen

Visual Warehouse

 Visually see all the materials stored in each rack/shelf of your warehouse  Save time in finding materials in your store  Keep accurate stocks by auditing locationwise  Maintain package wise stock information

Visual Warehouse Screen

Configurable Quality Control

 Configure your own quality measurements based on the type of material  Configure defect types  Quarantine area  Return defective goods  Get QC test results for any package in the store

QC Screens

Production Planning

 Visual Planning of Production Lines  Configure work center capacities  SMV, no. of Leads, learning curve  Predicted completion time based on live data  Integrated Production and inventory  Transfer produced materials between orders with validation across the production chain for excess.

Planning Screens

Planning – All Work Centers

Planning – Down Times

Planning – Material Transfers

Configurable Approvals Module

 Add any transaction to approval process  Multi-level approvals  Backup persons  Conditional Approval paths

Task Manager

 Default tasks by buyer  Default tasks by Material type  Deadline from Ship Date  Popup reminder  Gantt Chart of planned versus actual

Reminder Screen shot

Shipping Documents

 Data is obtained from order planning module  Print format is configurable using template files  Packing list is configurable for all types of packing methods

Integrated Accounting

 Double entry accounting, Groups, Ledgers  Receipt of goods from Supplier and payments  Job work production and payments  Shipment of goods and receipt of payment  Debit note on return of goods to Supplier  Credit note on return of goods from Buyer  Bank Transactions – Deposits, Withdrawal.

 Depreciation of Fixed Assets  Accounts Receivable  Accounts Payable

Complete Integration



Prod. Program ORDER PLANNING Budget Process Sched .

Purchasing Supplier Packing list GRN Quarantine Area WAREHOUSE Visual Stocks Issue Finance & Accounts Shipping Task Manager Demand Planning Production Planning Production Monitoring Work Centers

Configurable Drill Down Reports

 Get any kind of information within 3 clicks. That is the power of GUI drill down reporting.

 We can provide new reports within hours of getting your requirement  Sort and filter on multiple columns  Take print-out at any stage in the drill down  Choose your columns to take print-out  Group by any column with subtotals.

 View data in bar chart / line chart / pie chart.

Drill Down Reports

Java based – Internet Enabled

 We use java based 3 tier architecture  High performance over the internet.

 No need for expensive wireless satellite.

 VB applications cannot work over internet.

Client-1 Client-2 Client-3 Internet Client-4 Client-5 Server LAN DB