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Arbonne Pure ~ Safe ~ Beneficial Healthy Living Inside and Out Revised March 2013


INSTRUCTIONS FOR CARD USE: 1. The Arbonne Product Knowledge manual, Essentials Brochure & the Arbonne catalog that will help you TRULY BECOME KNOWLEDGEABLE ABOUT HEALTH & WELLNESS so that you can CONFIDENTLY share the information on these cards with others! (Note: If you do NOT learn more about the benefits of our amazing products, you will NOT feel confident in helping others with their health & wellness journey. BELIEF HAS A SOUND!!! PLEASE learn & experience our products so you can BELIEVE that with these cards you are providing LIFE GIVING INFORMATION to everyone who will listen!) 2. Note: You will notice the OPEN, your “I story”, the Arbonne Difference and close are all the same as the RE9 Group presentation. You are just changing the “Middle”! 3. When you talk about the products– don’t share too much! Share a few facts and one or two things you LOVE about each product. Share stories. Keep it simple. Healthy Living Presentation ~1~

Products for your Presentation:

#2063 Digestion Plus #2069 Protein Shake #2075 Daily Fiber Boost #2082 7-Day Body Cleanse #2076 Herbal Detox Tea #2068 Fit Chews #2077 Energy Fizz Sticks #2618 Metabolism Boost #8109 RE9 Advanced Set #6135 Vitamin D/B12 Spray #2052/3 Men and/or Womens Daily Essentials #2065 Antioxidant & Immunity Boost #2066 Omega 3 Plus #8109 RE9 Advanced Set

Guests Packets:-

Catalog Client Profile Card Order Form Application Form Optional: Wish List / Deals & Steals Form

Tools for Presentation (Laminated, 6-8 rec):

Protein & Fiber Information Sheet (2 pages) Most Popular Packages – Essentials Free Gift Sheet Mineral Oil Sheet Before & After Pictures Dieting vs. Detoxifying Diagram Optional: PC/CNS Rewards Sheet/ Deals & Steals Healthy Living Presentation ~2~

Opportunity/Curiosity Folders:

• Arbonne Opportunity Brochure • Flyers: “Is this Business for You?” and “More Reasons to Choose Arbonne” • Articles: “Wealth in Wellness” – Paul Zane Pilzer & “Why We Recommend Network Marketing” – Trump/Kiyosaki • Consultant Application Form & Order forms • 2 EOAs • Flyer for next Discover Arbonne/Nation Meeting/Opportunity Event • Your Business Card


Remember the goal of a class is to find business builders. Be sure you cover all four areas ....

- 10 mins – INTRODUCTION – talk about the biz, the benefits & your why - 5 mins – ARBONNE DIFFERENCE – set the value of the products - 15 mins – PRODUCT INTRODUCTION – play with products - 10 mins – CLOSE – 3 Ways to Win, Re-visit Opportunity/Invite to Learn more, Booking Game Healthy Living Presentation ~3~


Introduce yourself – my name is XXX I am very excited to be here to share Arbonne with you tonight. Then go around the room and have them introduce themselves, what they do or how they know the hostess. Thank Hostess – ** plant seeds about them hosting a class** Have hostess say a few words to the group about why she wanted them to hear about Arbonne. (maybe tell her favorite product and the difference she’s seen in her skin or what she loves about the Essentials products). Discuss this in advance. Tell them what you’re going to do tonight –”I’m going to tell you a little bit about myself and how I got started with Arbonne. Then I’ll touch briefly on the company and what makes Arbonne’s fantastic products different. Then I’ll let you try these products! My goal is for you all to have a great time so please ask questions! It’s more fun if it’s interactive…So, let’s get started! (Feel free to play a game to encourage questions and give the person who has asked the most questions a free gift! i.e. a small clear bag with a Fizz Stick, Detox Tea and Fit Chew in it.) Healthy Living Presentation ~4~

**Tell Your Story – Now I know all of you a little better, I would like to share a little about me and how I was introduced to Arbonne.

Tell your story

– formulate your I Story by answering ..  A LITTLE about you, just the basics ...  How you were first introduced to Arbonne  What you thought when you were first introduced to Arbonne,  What made you seriously consider the business ....  What were your hesitations and fears & your turning point  How you have already benefited from your business, even in small ways, what has Arbonne done for you so far…  A glimpse into the future .... Where you are ultimately going with your business/your goals. Share your vision!

TIP: You want to show them how Arbonne= their dreams. Let them know you are currently expanding your team and are looking for people you can teach and train to do what you do. Remember to talk about: 20 -50% discount, time leveraging, tax advantages, earned travel opportunities and our company car, the White Mercedes, friendships and additional stream of income. Share laminated EOA stories you like of your upline to pass around. Healthy Living Presentation ~5~


ARBONNE is all about Health and Wellness from the Inside OUT. We EMPOWER consumers to FEEL GOOD and LOOK GREAT! That is our company mission & commitment... Arbonne is 30+ years old (Started in 1980). We have had amazing growth as a company. We have gone GLOBAL – we are all over the USA ...and, now in UK, Canada, and Australia We are made in USA. Research and development based on our Swiss Heritage & European Standards. Europe has stricter standards on health products and botanicals and more restrictions on their ingredients. Healthy Living Presentation ~6~

What makes Arbonne Different: THE ARBONNE ADVANTAGE!!!

We have 400 different products that are plant-based PURE SAFE AND BENEFICIAL and they GETS RESULTS! We provide products that offer a HOLISTIC approach to INNER HEALTH AND OUTER BEAUTY through a knowledgeable network of Independent Consultants. Arbonne makes is easy to make the right choices for your family. You are not what you eat, you are what you digest & absorb & what you put on your skin matters! What you put on your skin can be absorbed into your system within seconds then has to pass through detoxifying organs (liver, kidneys). Healthy Living Presentation ~7~


 pH Correct  Hypoallergenic  Botanically Based – GLUTEN FREE, NO artificial flavors, colors or sweeteners  Cholesterol FREE, no saturated fat, or trans fat  VEGAN CERTIFIED Formulated without Animal products & by-products, never tested on animals.  No GMO – (No Genetically Modified Organisms)  Formulated without mineral oil and petroleum by products. o (cheap, plentiful filler of choice for many companies with no benefit to you)  Formulated without dyes, chemicals or harsh fragrances  We are a GREEN company– all packaging is recyclable! I am excited to help change your view of what LIVING HEALTHY & WELLNESS can really feel like! Whether you would like to lose weight, manage your weight, or just feel healthier - this is for you! Healthy Living Presentation ~8~

What is the problem?

 Americans are over nourished but malnourished (not enough of the right kind of nutrients and biotics...we eat a lot of empty calories)  The #1 killer of both men and women in the United States is heart disease.  2 out of every 3 North Americans are overweight, obese or morbidly obese and the problem is getting worse. 1/3 of our children are obese.  Obesity is the leading cause of PREVENTABLE death! Americans spend over 100 billion on medical care related to obesity!!

These can cause problems that can lead to diabetes, hypertension, strokes, dementia, Alzheimer’s, numerous cancers, cravings, constipation, acne, fatigue, Irritable bowel syndrome, Crohn's, and numerous autoimmune diseases like lupus, arthritis, etc... Do you or someone you know suffer from one or MORE of those problems that I just listed out?? Healthy Living Presentation ~9~

YOU CANNOT OUT EXERCISE A BAD DIET. You have to decrease your toxic load and increase your nutrients to truly obtain a wellness state...creating health! The BEST FACT is: •You are in control of 90% of your health  Genetics is only 10% of body appearance & overall health.  Training and Exercise is 10%  Nutrition is 80% of your results If you are not happy with where you are...the GREAT NEWS is...YOU CAN TAKE CONTROL AND MAKE THE CHANGES THAT YOU WANT TO SEE AND LIVE!!!!!! Healthy Living Presentation ~10~

So why does it help you?

Bath tub analogy >>Our body is like a bathtub, the water faucet brings (toxins in); and the drain (lets the toxins out). When it is running at a normal pace, we don’t have as much of a problem. When we are in overload and the drain is plugged, the tub gradually fills up and spills over the sides. This is when people get SICK and you are given a MOP (medicine) which can add more toxins & have side effects. We believe most people want to lose weight and feel good but they don’t REALLY understand how to achieve true health & vitality. Toxins are what lock up the fat cells! To have effective weight loss, we have to unplug the drain (detox) by nutritionally cleansing. When you get rid of the toxins the FAT CAN MELT AWAY! What is your goal? (SHOW/HOLD UP ARBONNE ESSENTIALS 30-Day Guide/30 Days to Feeling Fit) 1. Weight Management 2. Fitness 3. Healthy Living Arbonne can help you achieve all 3 by helping you learn how to nutritionally rebalance. Healthy Living Presentation ~11~

SHOW LAMINATED DETOX CHART TO AUDIENCE : DISCUSS CHART : Did you ever wonder why so many lose weight only to gain it back plus a few pounds? Well the answer is because they are dieting vs. nutritionally cleansing. Healthy Living Presentation ~12~

GIVE TESTIMONY of how much weight and inches you (or a customer/team member/sideline) have lost OR how you have had more energy, slept better, reduction in problematic symptoms (i.e. join pain, inflammation, skin, etc.)


You could purchase and prepare healthy food choices that decrease toxic load and increase nutrients for all meals, snacks and drinks. However, this takes a lot of time and money and most will not do it! I’m going to show you how to SAVE BOTH TIME AND MONEY by choosing the Arbonne essentials. YOU CAN BE VEGAN 2/3 of the time and LOVE IT by eating 2 of your 3 meals/day from Arbonne because we are a VEGAN CERTIFIED NUTRIONAL LINE! Arbonne has done all the work and has made eating clean EASY and affordable!! We provide complete, balanced nutrition that maximizes absorption and effectiveness. We deliver RESULTS while being PURE SAFE and BENEFICIAL Healthy Living Presentation ~13~

So now that you know WHY we need the products and what sets Arbonne apart as a brand let’s review and taste the products! These are the Products in the 30 DAY FIT KIT that deliver NUTRITION: (key benefits)

**Have samples of homemade protein bars but eat LAST since they are the sweetest! Protein shake (Mix With 1 Fiber Scoop) – 20 grams of VEGAN protein, plus 20 essential vitamins and minerals per serving – chocolate or vanilla flavors. (It is a complete protein.)  Yellow pea, anti-oxidant rich cranberry & brown rice protein is most digestible & absorbable forms of protein available.  NO Whey or Soy protein o Whey is an animal by-product and made from cheese curds o Though it is known to be high in protein and often with lactose removed or enzymes added to held with digestion, it can still cause gas, bloating, it is hard to digest and very inflammatory in the body because it is very acidic. It can also contain hormones/toxins the animal was given and/or exposed to. o Soy is very estrogenic..the more processed the soy, the more phyto-estrogens it produces and can mess with hormone levels. In an already hormonally imbalanced country, we don’t need to tip the scale more!

o Has CoQ10 and flaxseeds for energy and heart health. No artificial sweeteners! o Best part- they are so DELICIOUS and healthy, so it feels like you are cheating!!!

Healthy Living Presentation ~14~

   Free from: soy, fructose, GMO, dairy, lactose, gluten, saturated, trans fats, cholesterol, artificial colors, flavors and sweeteners Can make your own YUMMY PROTEIN BARS TOO! *Makes an excellent recovery drink after working out. MIX UP IN SHAKER CUP WITH FIBER FOR TASTING & Informational Sheet & Arbonne & Fiber Protein Overview Handout Share Protein Powder

Fiber Boost –

 Helps to prevent constipation, lowers your risk of digestive conditions & supports digestive health, lowers blood cholesterol, controls blood sugar levels and aids in weight loss because you feel full longer.  One scoop contains 12 gms of soluble fiber from fruits and vegetables – ½ your daily rec. amount.  (24-30gms/day recommended...average American takes in only 7 gms/day)  Fiber pulls the sugars through the digestive tract – eliminating them from system.  Tasteless, colorless, odorless, gritless & TEXTURELESS! Non thickening- so you can add to shakes, spaghetti sauce, peanut butter, yogurt, oatmeal, etc. Healthy Living Presentation ~15~

Fizzy Stick Energy Drink (alternative to your morning coffee & daily sodas) --  Boost of calm energy, increase metabolism & assists with mental clarity/focus.

 Great pick me up throughout the day when sluggish. – Pomegranate and Citrus flavors.

 Helps to balance blood sugar and control hunger.

 Very Alkaline drink – disease cannot grow in an alkaline environment!

 Contains stevia (which is a root), green tea, B vitamins (mood & energy enhancers) and only 13 calories!


Weight Loss Chew – ideal snack to:  control appetite & cravings while delivering energy boosts to keep energy level sustained.

 Good for sweet tooth. Chocolate, caramel & some seasonal flavors. 

SAMPLE – cut into halves or fourths

Healthy Living Presentation ~16~

Products that aid and improve DIGESTION of FOODS & ELIMINATION of TOXINS: Digestion Plus –

 Contains prebiotics, probiotics and 11 digestive enzymes.  Arbonne advantage is we don't just have probiotics we have Pre-biotics which is food for the probiotics so they are even more robust AND we have 11 digestive enzymes that help break down foods like lactose, fats, proteins, fiber, carbohydrates.

 Supports healthy digestion decreasing gas & bloating.

 Probiotics scrub away yeast overgrowth and re-establish good bacteria which increases immunity.

 Supports nutrient uptake from the foods that we eat. (MUFFIN TOP SHRINKER!!!)  This product is key to avoiding toxic fat and to absorbing nutrients! (Body fat fighter!)  A huge percentage of our immunity STARTS in our gut!!! Gut health leads to overall health!

What is important to know is...IF YOU CAN DIGEST IT, YOU CAN EITHER ELIMINATE OR USE IT!!! No toxic overload allowed but INCREASE nutritional state achieved!!! Healthy Living Presentation ~17~

Detox tea –

 Herbal tea with 9 botanicals: milk thistle, couch grass, sarsaparilla, peppermint, dandelion  Caffeine free  Supports the liver, kidneys & blood detoxification for overall health.

 Great way to start and end your day! (One of our clean the drain products!)

7 day detox cleanse –

 Gently scrubs your intestinal track.

 Helps cleanse and detoxify  Supports liver health  Makes elimination more frequent but not urgent.

Metabolism Boost –

 This helps balance our blood sugar, controls hunger, reduces sugar cravings and enhances fat burning.

Healthy Living Presentation ~18~

Omega 3 PLUS – •Vegan - Plant-based from flaxseed & chia seed oil, so no fishy aftertaste or burps.  Full 1000mg of essential fatty acids for brain, cardiovascular and joint health.  Contains DHA derived from algae.

Additional Products that support your overall heart health, nutrition & elimination of toxins: Daily Vitamin Power Pack –

 Where healthy meets convenient – give you more energy and complete nutrition with 20 essential vitamins and minerals - benefits of eating 3 servings of fruits and vegetables.  Delivers antioxidants, minerals and super fruits.  Promotes energy, vitality and longevity. Supports eye health. (ORAC = Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity)  Gender specific packs. 5 supplements per pack. 750 mg antioxidant blend- protection equivalent to 16-20 antioxidant packed fruits & vegetables, digestive enzymes that aid in digestive issues.  ORAC score 10,000 (a measure of antioxidants & its ability to eliminate free radicals fight diseases such as heart disease & cancer. The higher the number the better. Most antioxidant products score 2-3000)  Highly absorbable - breakdown in 30 mins so you get maximum benefit (before we excrete them).  Take the vitamins with a “real meal” because some of the vitamins are fat-soluble. Healthy Living Presentation ~19~

Immunity booster –

• This is a powerful drink shot that provides antioxidants and supports your immune system. Vitamin c equivalent to 1.5 oranges, Vitamin D equivalent to 16 oz milk, Riboflavin equivalent to 1 cup almonds, B12 equivalent to 10 eggs, Zinc equivalent to 2 cups lima beans, Selenium equivalent to 3.5 cups of white rice, Antioxidants equivalent to 3 apricots, 5 zucchini, 1 kiwi, 1 cup watermelon, 1 cup cucumber. All in a 40 calorie great tasting shot!

Spray Vitamin D+ B12

• This vitamin spray delivers efficacious levels of essential vitamins to support energy, the metabolism, immunity, calcium & phosphorus absorption and to counter Vitamin D deficiencies that come from wearing sunscreen regularly or not getting enough sunlight and Vitamin B12 deficiencies, which can come from a vegetarian diet, inflammation in the gut, celiac disease or Crohn’s disease. • Vitamin D deficiency can put people at a higher risk of osteoporosis, blood-sugar and insulin imbalance, weakened immune system, fatigue, depression and impaired cognitive function. B12 deficiency can lead to anemia, decreased metabolic energy, tiredness and, in the long term, damage to nerve cells.

• Great tropical splash flavor!

Healthy Living Presentation ~20~

(Great time to share sample of homemade protein bars since they are the sweetest.) Which Life Are You Designing?

I want to encourage you to visualize yourself five years from now.  If you keep doing what you’re doing, where will you be?

 Will you feel better and have more energy or be kicking yourself for not taking control of your health five years earlier?  I think we would all agree that “Health is not valued until sickness comes”. If you have the voice whispering in your ear or you feel like something is tapping on your shoulder saying, “you need to make some changes”, I want to encourage you to take the plunge and just do it! Take charge of your health!

 Please KNOW Arbonne has done all the WORK for you and offers you the “easy button”: For your will only have to prepare only ONE CLEAN MEAL a day! The rest is done if you use our Fit Essentials Protein Shakes for 2 meals! It will be SO SIMPLE to change your life! It will cost the same or LESS than your normal diet & could save you THOUSANDS of dollars in medical bills!!! The way you will look and feel is PRICELESS !!!! Healthy Living Presentation ~21~

TRANSITION Card TO RE9 with a Healthy Living Party if you have time to share Re9:

There are 3 ways for toxins to enter your body 1. Food and Drink 2. Air we breathe 3. Products you put on your skin

Which do you think is the most damaging?

(Most will say Food) Actually it’s the skin because topical application can be absorbed into the system within 26 seconds and the toxins can pass through the entire body before they get to the liver to be filtered out. Arbonne has you covered inside and out. Our philosophy is HOLISTIC & WHOLE BODY HEALTH! Its important that you do not replace the toxins you are doing so well on eliminating thru clean nutrition with toxic skin care! Healthy Living Presentation ~22~

We’ve talked about taking care of your inner health now let’s discuss your outer health and beauty. We have an incredible anti-aging skin care line called RE9 Advanced. It self-adjusts for all skin types. The set includes six products for tightening, firming, repairing damaged skin, exfoliating, and moisturizing. We also have specialty products for men such as a shave get and after shave balm. We have an incredible face LIFT in a bottle and a NECK CREAM to tighten the turkey neck and a fabulous BODY FIRMING CREAM that takes care of stretch marks (my favorite thing to do is put out Self-tanner IN the Body Firming Cream to get firm and a nice bronzed look!) and hail damage (cellulite) and a cellular renewal mask that gives your face that radiant, healthy looking glow! We also have COSMETICS that work synergistically with our skin care and best of all – NO TOXINS included!!!!! SHOW THE BEFORE AND AFTER PICTURES then use following teaser statement to book another event from your current event: “You can learn so much more and try out our skin care and cosmetics when you book an event with me tonight that FOCUSES ON YOUR OUTER HEALTH AND BEAUTY and you will receive BOOKING rewards when you PENCIL IN A DATE WITH ME FOR THIS EVENT TONIGHT!!!!!” Healthy Living Presentation ~23~

Close - 3 WAYS TO WIN:

•Let me just take a moment to share how Arbonne’s business works and the different ways you can be a part of our company —so you can choose your best fit. I love Arbonne’s system. First of all, we don’t stock inventory and we don’t deliver product so what that means for you is that you get fresh products, delivered to your doorstep, whenever you want it! From a business perspective this is brilliant, because you can go to sleep, and when you wake up someone has placed a re-order and you made money while you were sleeping!

There are 3 ways to Win with Arbonne:

1. The first way is to be a


•As a client you are entitled to buy Arbonne’s products at our RETAIL PRICES (this is the price listed in the catalog). •I promise to provide you with great service in selecting products and on going service!

2. The second way to win is to become a PREFERRED CLIENT and get your products at a discount. People usually either want to make money or save money and this is the way to SAVE money!!

•This is similar to Sam’s Club or Costco.

•For $20, you are entitled to buy these products at 20% off for an entire year!

•There are no minimums or quotas you have to meet monthly to enjoy this discount! •So, when you first sign up as a Preferred Client with Arbonne, you actually have the opportunity to get almost double your discount on the FULL RE9 Set we talked about. Its called the ULTIMATE VALUE PACK and you’ll save $123 off the price of the set so you can get the full set a $323 value for $200 PLUS you can get the Instant Lift Gel (the facelift in the bottle for FREE). That’s even a better deal than I can get on the RE9 set  •Looking for nutrition products or other personal care products? You can take advantage of this same deal and customize your own Ultimate Value Pack too! When we sit down together, we can take a peak at your wish list and I ensure you I will help you find the best value! Healthy Living Presentation ~24~

• • My favorite benefit of our Preferred Client program is that you get your own ID number and pin, which allows you to shop online with your discount at your leisure. It puts convenience in your hands and it’s a win-win for you and me!

And I will teach you going forward how to get the best deal with your discount and ways where you can maximize your discount when you are ready to reorder! For example, when you shop as a Preferred Client, you are eligible for special product purchases and discounts – like 80% off products—based on the value of your order. 3. The third way to win is to be a CONSULTANT where you get a 35%-50% discount. And there are actually TWO ways you can be involved with Arbonne as a consultant. • •

FIRST, is where you can SAVE BIG and you can become a WHOLESALE BUYER where you get the

best discount possible—MY DISCOUNT-- on Arbonne’s products and that’s up to a 50% discount for a YEAR. If you have liked what you have heard tonight and you know you’ll be switching to pure, safe and beneficial products for you and your family, you may want to consider being a WHOLESALE BUYER and I can talk to you more about that at the checkout table. Being a WHOLESALE BUYER is just that….a buyer at wholesale prices….you get my discount. OR You may be intrigued about what I do and the SECOND option as a consultant is to do what I do and BUILD a BUSINESS with ARBONNE.

** This is your opportunity to remind them about the opportunity that is attached to Arbonne’s amazing products and to ask them to consider learning more about this business, join your team, earn commissions, etc. Healthy Living Presentation ~25~

• • • • • • • • DISCUSS OPPORTUNITY – Is this Business for you? The products are amazing. But, some of you may have never realized how much income you can make with an Arbonne home based business. This may not be for you, but, please let me know if you know someone this could help. “Most people have a “NUMBER” (dollar amount) at the end of every month that would help them live healthy & well FINANCIALLY...providing you with more FREEDOM & FLEXIBILITY! Just so you know about the income opportunity of our company...You can make a few hundred dollars/month to several thousand dollars/month! Whatever “NUMBER” you have...Arbonne can help you achieve it. You can achieve this by simply telling others what you LOVE about the products and income opportunity that has Arbonne provided you! You may have thought about it once or twice as I was going through my presentation. We never know who’s at a place in their life where he or she is looking for more money, more time and choice, to decrease debt, plan for the future, maybe more recognition or maybe just a simple way to turn an expense they already have into a source of income. I put my important events (family, etc) on my calendar and I weave Arbonne presentations in and around as I create a network of clients who shop online on THEIR own time. Because our products are consumable and of high importance, our preferred clients re-order online as they run low, and we are paid residually on each order.

We have a system to have a GLOBAL business - launch any consultant any where in the world!

If something I have said tonight has struck a chord with you or might add value to someone’s life who you know, I encourage you to take a Curiosity Packet and we can find a time for coffee to chat more. What do you have to lose? Healthy Living Presentation ~26~

Feel free to share the…….Compensation Plan Overview (you can pass out the average compensation chart here if you want – point out trip incentives, Mercedes Benz program, team-based focus & training) - Consultants earn $50-$200 a month, enough to pay for their Arbonne “habit” - District Managers earn between $200 and $1,500 a month depending on how many bonuses they choose to earn.

- Area Managers earn b/t $1,200 and $3,000 a month - Regional VP’s earn b/t $5,000 and $8,000 a month + $800 Benz Bonus - National VP’s earn an average of $17,000 – 22,000 a month + $1000 Benz bonus, but no glass ceiling.

*commissions and overrides are based on personal efforts and are not guaranteed..

Additional Perks to share: Tax Deductions, Jewerly, Incentives, Personal Growth, Friendships & AIT Trip!

Healthy Living Presentation ~27~

** If it seems necessary, walk through the Most Popular Packages sheet with everyone again and highlight their savings by stating, “Here is the value, here is what you pay and this is what you save.”

Booking Game

Always do a BOOKING GAME! This is key to scheduling out of your presentation/party and building your network and business. See “Booking Game Ideas & Verbiage” instructions on our team website and RE9 Group Presentation. Verbiage: “Okay, one last fun thing to do before you all start shopping….if your wish list exceeds your budget…you have been sitting here thinking of friends who HAVE to hear about Arbonne’s amazing products and company OR you just like to have a good time and earn things for free and at a huge discount…..this is your game…..” (Lead into your Booking Game) ** Hot tip: this is where it is a good idea to have a gift for your hostess when 2 people book out (remember that is your goal at every party)! I like to say, “When 2 people book parties tonight, XXX gets a special gift…no pressure! SMILE. Then, when the 1 for you!

st booking happens, I will say, “Awesome, because you have booked a party XXXX gets a free XXXX. Who else wants to book so I can give her a free

XXXX? Prep your hostess ahead of time on what she will earn with 2 bookings – they will help book parties Healthy Living Presentation ~28~

Now It’s Time to Shop !

• Question game winner: Hand out a hand cream or wrapped up sample to the winner.

• Say, “ thank you all for coming tonight! I know that everyone has different needs, therefore, I am going to have the opportunity to sit in the kitchen and meet with everyone for a one on one consultation. For those interested, I can color match your foundation there too! We call our foundation – primer combination our “natural botox in a bottle”! (HOLD UP FOUNDATION like it’s gold.) • • You may not have the need to leave with a foundation today but we’ll at least have your color matched and on file so when you are ready you won’t be guessing which color is the right shade for you. I want to also give you personal 1 on 1 time because everyone has different needs. Bring your client profile card with you and if you could come one at a time I’ll meet you at the table in the kitchen. I am going to run to the restroom/get a drink of water first and then I can help the first person. If you know what you want already or you have to leave right away, I can start with you first. Everyone else, have fun and enjoy shopping!” (NOTE: Make sure you use a separate checkout table hopefully at a table near the front door. Make sure everyone gives you a completed Client Profile form.) Healthy Living Presentation ~29~

The TRIFECTA Close” & Personal Consultation at the Checkout Table COLOR MATCHING

•Ask them if they would like you to do a quick foundation match, If they say


, that’s fine!

•If they say


, then match their foundation. Pick 2 colors and have them put each on each side of her face. Say,

“XXXXX, as you are applying this, it’s going to MELT into your skin. So, it may not look like the existing color but keep working it in, letting itself adjust to your skin pigment —that is how smart our formula is. It creates a flawless finish!”

Keep it brief – again, this is not the time to play with the cosmetics. (If they are interested in exploring the cosmetics line, this is your time to get an appointment booked for a color consult.) •After you have picked her color out say,

“So now we have your color picket out, can I go ahead and help you with your order?”

Healthy Living Presentation ~30~


1. What was it that you said you would like to change about your skin? (reference Client Profile form) / How does your skin feel?” (this will either be their hand or face depending on where they did the products)” 2. I recommend __________ (usually the RE9 line) because it targets your _____ and ____, which you said you would change. (Mirror back EXACTLY what they say, “i.e. puffiness around your eyes”) 3. Can I share with you the deals of what Arbonne has to offer —you can choose which is the best fit for you. Then use the Most Popular Packages Sheet. If someone comes directly to over to you and says

“I just want a make up primer”

, ask them if it would be ok to go over the deals that Arbonne has to offer —you need the practice and it’s ok if they just want the xxxx. Make sure then to ask them again what they said they want to change about their skin.

(Use the Most Popular Packages close sheet)

Healthy Living Presentation ~31~

If recommending RE9:

1. Almost always you will say - “I recommend the Re9 system and I want you to get the best deal possible to get these products - it is our 50%off value pack. It also gives you a discount of 35% off for the year. How does that sound?” (Point to #1 on the Most Popular Packages sheet) PAUSE and don’t say anything else – BE SILENT- give them time to respond to you. 2. If no - Always agree —“No problem! I understand” and then say “the next best deal is to get the RE9 system we tried for $233 plus tax/shipping and you will still get 35% off for the year! (Point to Option

#2 on the Most Popular Packages.)

PAUSE and don’t say anything – BE SILENT- until they respond.

3. If no - Always agree —“No problem! That’s totally fine!” and then say “the next best deal is to get the RE9 system for 40% off with a free product. This is the Ultimate Value Pack we talked about and it’s what most people get. You will be a Preferred Client and get 20% off for the rest of the year. How does that sound?” (Point to Option #3 on the Most Popular Packages Sheet.) PAUSE! If they say no, Healthy Living Presentation ~32~

4. I understand! The last special is purchase $150, become a Preferred Client and get 20% off today for $20 and you will get a FREE product from the list! Most people get the Instant Lift Gel or Makeup Primer for FREE. How does that sound? PAUSE! If no,….

5. I understand What were you thinking you wanted to start with today? * NOTE: If they are close to $100, tell them the Preferred Client program makes the most sense for them and if they choose another product or so, they will also get a FREE gift.


• If they “DEALED” during the Deal or No Deal Game or were a Committer with the envelope game, • this is the time you secure the date! Hand them the clipboard with the Class Reservation Sheet and say:

“ Which one of these dates works for you

• If they were a “No Deal” / Gambler or a Hander-Backer and simply got a free gift you will hand them the clipboard and say:

“I know you handed your box back /gambled with your white envelope (or handed back your envelope) during the envelope game so you and since now that you have started with the system or our products – how about getting a few friends together and host a party/presentation to get 80% off the items on your wish list that you didn’t get today? Would one of these dates work for you?


IT IS CRITICAL THAT YOU GET A DATE! Healthy Living Presentation ~33~

* If


, book class/show/party right then (GET A DATE ON YOUR CALENDAR) and appt/time to pick up guest list. Don’t say I will call you.

* If

they look at dates

for a minute, say “

would a week night or weekend work best for you?”

If they start to say they are too busy or don’t know who they could invite, say

“I am offering a free _______ (something on their wish list) to anyone who grabs one of THOSE dates!!”

* IF


, just agree and ask permission to follow up regarding the products.

After order written and party date is booked, here is the


Go to the Opportunity Stack and pick up a Curiosity Packet and say

one of these questions

: 1. XXXXX

(Name)…you were a blast to be with this evening/ you impressed me tonight with your personality

….(Genuine Compliment)

. I’m not sure if this would be a good fit for you. I would love to get together for a quick cup of coffee and get to know you a little better.

If they hesitate of give an ojection….”its totally worth 15 minutes of your time, what do you have to lose?” OR

“I am looking for people just like you to partner up with me, would you consider hearing more about this opportunity over a cup of coffee? You would know within 15 min if this might be for you and you can say no. We don’t convince anyone to do this.”

OR 3. Compliment them and say,

“Would you consider taking a look at this?”



“No problem. Thank you for coming.”

Ask permission to follow up and provide great customer service!


with obstacle- say,

“I understand, it is definitely worth 15 minutes of your time to sit down and chat, besides I have samples to bring so you can try some of the other products and I can show you how to maximize your discount when you shop online.”


GREAT! Look over this tonight (curiosity packet) and how about we grab coffee tomorrow, my treat, around 1:00 p.m.? I would love to chat with you to see if this is a fit for you.

within 24-48 hours! KEY is booking this coffee appointment Healthy Living Presentation ~34~

Healthy Living Presentation ~35~