Housing & Development Forum: February 2014

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Transcript Housing & Development Forum: February 2014

 Good Morning: We have a busy agenda today.
 Thank you to the Lands Office Team for leading up on the
organization of the forum again this year. Coordinating
with Fire, CDD, Engineering to name a few.
Many thanks to the Juneau Affordable Housing
Many thanks to the Team at Juneau Economic
Development Council for their many efforts.
Tlingit Haida Regional Housing Authority for their
Finally, thanks to all of you since this is really meant to be a
community-wide collaborative effort to providing more
housing choices for Alaska’s Capital City.
Agenda Review
 Introduction
 Discussion TCO/CO
 New Draft Programs for Juneau Afforable Housign
Trust Fund
Land Disposal Update
Permits and Permitting/Fire Marshal/Engineering
New Timelines CDD Permits
Since Last Year much has
happened: geography of housing
Recap of CBJ Housing Efforts
 The Assembly recognized housing was a very
significant issue in 2012-13 and continues to be:
 Allocating land for affordable housing.
 Working to resolve FEMA Flood Maps completed Phase
one in August getting into more detailed analysis with
FEMA now Phase II and are working on a joint Risk Map
Assessment program (looking at all hazards).
 Subdivision Tax Deferral Program was supported.
 Currently going through the process with Engineering,
Lands, Planning Commission and Assembly to review
and simplify standards in an effort to reduce the cost of
So, where are we
now? Key Drivers:
population and
employment growth
continued during
2012 & 2013.
Juneau’s population hit
another all-time high last
year, growing by more than
400 people to 32,832.
Juneau’s employment picture
was also on the uptick
despite government sector
job cutbacks as the private
sector added positions from
2013 Economic
Where are we now?
State Support for
the Capital City
Housing Needs.
Volunteers of America
National Services along with
Alaska Development
Partners: Trapline, LLc and
V2, LLc; Civil Engineering
DOWL HKM, Juneau;
Architect: Lumen Design LLc
Anchorage have submitted
permits for Phase One to be
completed by end of 2015 in
the vicinity of Crow Hill.
Where are we now?
Mixed Use Housing
completed more
under construction in
the Willoughby area.
Completed more under
construction in the
Willoughby area.
MRV Architects
Where are we now?
New Housing for
rent/lease on the
market since 2013
West Juneau
Wayne Coogan
Coogan Construction
24 New Units
In the Next
Phase Finishing
Where are we now?
Infill Housing
Where the value of the land is
much higher than the value of the
structure or where the land use is
vacant or under performing as
compared with its potential.
Several inquiries for single family
housing, accessory dwelling units,
lot splits, duplexes and triplex
housing in this neighborhood.
Even a rezone of waterfront
commercial to a residential zone.
Single Family Home:
subdivisions in
Alaska’s Capital City
Montana Creek Subdivision
Phase II
Single Family Home:
subdivisions in
Alaska’s Capital City
Where are we now?
UAS Student
120 Units of Student Housing on
campus to help improve retention
rates at UAS.
14 million dollar project.
Construction was completed in
August 2014.
Approximately 3,000 students
Design: MRV Architects
Freshman Dorm Website
Conditional Use
Permit approval for
15 condominium units
on the water at Auke
Bay. Now 13 Units
Expected by Summer
Bill Hueman Developer along
with Jan Van Dort.
Where are we now?
Looking down the
road: Land Use
Permits approvedbuilding permits next?
Rezoning was approved for
additional housing units on
the first floor of the Post
Office at Auke Bay. Work on
the remodel is underway and
is expected to be completed
in 2015.
Northwind Architects.
Other Important
Needs for 2014
Aging in place/retirement
housing/Senior independent
living facility Needs
Fireweed Place: Existing
Housing is inadequate
compared to the anticipated
future Juneau aging
population needs.
Other Important
Needs for 2014
Investing in Housing in our
Continuing to explore options
for the fired damaged
Gastineau Apartments.
Lands Office is currently
working with the Verdi
Partnership on the second and
Franklin (City Owned property
that is a parking lot to develop a
Other Efforts at
53 Units – Housing First: this
concept is built around
providing housing for that
segment of the population
that is incapable of taking
care of themselves…and
seeks to stabilize them by
giving them a home.
Housing First Project Proposed
Location in Lemmon Creek
Waiting for Funding Decisions.