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His company was so powerful that even the U.S.
Government looked to the firm for help
He died in his sleep in Rome and was buried at cedar hill cemetery
He participated in a number of Americas cup yacht races
He was the founder of the Standard Oil Company, which
dominated the oil industry and was the first great U.S. business trust.
Rockefeller became a lifelong member of the then-new
Republican Party, and a strong supporter of Abraham Lincoln
& the party’s abolitionist wing.
Rockefeller gave $80 million to the University of
Chicago under William Rainey Harper, turning a small
Baptist college into a world-class institution by 1900.
• He built his first oil refinery
• In total he gave
away $530 million
to various cases
• John D. Rockefeller’s charity
proved considerable
He was born in Richford NY, on July 8, 1839.
He passed away on May 23 1938 !
He lived in Moravia NY in 1851 and then he
moved to Owego. By 1853 he had moved to
Strongsville Cleveland.
His business helped America by being the founder
of the oil industry. He was an expert in medical
research! He also was the founder of the University
of Chicago and Rockefeller University!
Interesting facts about Henry Ford are, He
was good at making plastic out of anything.
He even made plastic out of soybeans.
Henry Ford said, “Money is like an arm or
leg, use it or lose it”.
Henry Ford, he did not create the car. He
only helped it make it better. He helped
make a car the worked better and was a
lot cheaper than all the cars, and by
making it cheaper he sold more.
He devolved & manufactured the 1st automobile.
• Model T automobile
• Richest & best known in the world.
• He & his wife lived in Detroit, Michigan.
He was an American Industrialist. He also was the
founder of Ford Moto Co.
He was born in Greenfield Township Michigan on July 30th
1863. He died on April 7th 1947.
Andrew Carnegie was the richest man in his time and is often
regarded as the second richest man (after Rockefeller)
He had the largest monopoly on the steel industry
Andrew was born in Scotland to a very poor family, struggling
for survival each day
By 1889 he owned Carnegie stell corporation
the largest of its kind in the world.
Carnegie built plants around the country using
technology and methods that made manufacturing
Steel easier, faster and more productive.
By 1889 Carnegie steel corporation was the largest
Of its kind in the world
• After moving to the united states
he worked a series or railroad jobs
• Andrew wrote several books
• He enjoyed traveling and the
He manufactured Railway sleeping cars (Steel Co.) He
sold it to JP Morgan.
Andrew Carnegie was born in Dunfermline
Scotland Nov. 25 183. He was 13 years old
when he came into the U.S.A in the year of
He was an Philanthropist full time.
On his spare time her wrote books.
Scottish-American Industrialist
One of the most important philanthropists
Led the enormous expansion of the American steel industry.
One interesting fact about Cornelius Vanderbilt was that he
awarded a military contract to provide supplies to forts along
the Hudson river.
Another interesting fact is that he parlayed his success into
ventures in central America, In 1855, began overseeing a
transatlantic steamship business
Finally the last interesting fact is that in 1860, rail trave
began to grow the united states
Started his own
steamship company
He born in Staten Island, NY on
May 27th 1794. He died on
January 4th 1877.
He was an Industrialist/
Philanthropist . He did shipping &
railroads. He mostly lived in NY. He
was the founder of Vanderbilt Un.
He started a ferry services at the age of 16
He was nearly killed in the Highstown Rail Accident