8 Features of Civilization

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Transcript 8 Features of Civilization

 Define
the term civilization
 Objective:
SWBAT identify and
comprehend the 8 features of
8 Features of Civilization
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8 Features of Civilization
Job Specialization – Urban people
developed so many new crafts that a
single person could no longer master all
the skills leading to artisans (skilled craft
Cities – emerged after farmers began
cultivating lands along river valleys and
producing a surplus of food
8 Features Cont.
Complex Religions – most people were
polytheistic – belief in more than one god
Strong Central Government – forms of
government arose to oversee irrigation, and
maintain large food supplies. Priests initially
had the greatest power, eventually taken by
warrior kings.
8 Features Cont.
Social Classes – people were ranked
according to their jobs, priests and nobles
usually occupied the top level, a small class
of wealthy merchants, artisans, bottom was
peasant farmers (vast majority of people)
Arts and Architecture – expressed beliefs
and values of people who created them
Cont. 1 more time
Public Works – strong rulers would order
projects such as irrigation systems, roads,
bridges, and defense walls (People Working
for People)
Writing – early writings made of pictographs
or simple drawings, as writing grew more
complex only specialized people (scribes)
could write
Things to Ponder ????
If social classes do not exist among a
group of people, can that be considered a
“civilization”? Why or Why not?
“All societies and civilizations change.”
Name and describe 2 possible causes of
such change.