IAWHP Pre Con Discussion Table Notes

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Transcript IAWHP Pre Con Discussion Table Notes

IAWHP Pre Con Discussion Table Notes

Getting a Job in WHP

• • • • • • • • • Focus – do you prefer prevention (personal training, health coaching, wellness) or rehab (ATC, PA, PT, Cardiac Rehab) Goal – private (work for employer) or commercial (create own business). What’s your comfort?

Read publications outside of health (to differentiate yourself – EAP, employee benefits, HR, leadership, workers comp) Become an expert in one area – diabetes educator, injury prevention, smoking cessation) Identify contact and request an informational interview (call/meeting). Send thank you note with resume.

Pursue internship. Don’t discard part-time – get your foot in door If new to field, create “related qualifications” section on resume and list attributes (budgeting, analytics, organized, writing skills, data management, leadership) Obtain certifications: CHES, Coaching Take leadership role and create community health task force (invite non-profits, hospitals, health plans, employers

Engaging Leadership

• • • • • • • • What are leaders business needs – build wellness bridge to reduce injuries, improve morale.

Address past failures as part of new plan Start small with planned pilot and measures Make participation a metric for middle management Work with supervisors to fit in (plan in advance so they have time to prepare) Get to know union leaders (ensure things are made in USA) Explore ACA incentive plan Align wellness with open enrollment (VP Benefits or VP HR)

Bridge Health with Your Business Needs Business Needs

Engage senior managers

Wellness Programs

Golf Conditioning, Ski Conditioning Impact absence, short-term disability Injury Prevention Programs Leverage health plan / EAP resources Health Coaching “warm hand-offs” Help employees cope with change Eating for Energy; Relaxation Techniques; Tips for Greater Energy and Performance

Diversity and WHP

• • Challenges – gaining trust, different value systems, opinion on nutrition/diet, finances, communication styles, literacy levels, different job functions and cultures (sales, engineers, hourly) Solutions – become familiar with population (committee to id concerns); gain trust first (“People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care”); make leadership aware of challenges and obtain funding to meet needs; provide self directed resources; adapt tools like bi-lingual HRA; document participation in your report; package programs that can be shared with female/household; offer translators; create employee/child programs

Strategies for Companies < 1000 EES

• • • • • • • Barriers – no budget, remote workers, lack of awareness Administered by a variety of departments Leverage wellness champions (volunteers) and EAP program; health plan resources Develop new campaign/brand Topics of interest – nutrition, stress Health challenges popular (walk, stairs, water) Survey “what would make employees happy?”

Strategies for Companies > 1000 EES

• • • • • • • • • Understand your culture (what do people want; what are their barriers to part) Provide express programs that don’t take a lot of time Provide quality/professional staff Engage senior management – define their business need and build wellness bridge to meet that need (prevent injuries, improve morale) Create dashboard report for mgt to brief them on your goals and progress monthly Think about VOI (Value) not just ROI Offer programs 24/7 (rotate days/week) Engagement – offer onsite coaching (vs tele) “Meeting you where you’re at, taking you where you want to be”

Additional Strategies

• • • • • • Survey participants and non-participants Plans must be aligned with company business plans (are stakeholders vested in wellness) Strategies > Tactics > Operations Marketing Strategies (internal, vendor, hybid) Focus on employee segments (female, male, hourly, salaried, union, remote) Assess and provide intervention (measure time 1 and time 2)

Best Practice Design Principles

• • • • • • • • • 9 Best Practice Dimensions Leadership Relevance Partnership Comprehensiveness Implementation Engagement Communications Data-Driven Compliance

Social Media at WHP

• • • • • • • • Hire young intern/staff to guide social media strategies (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, email, trends/viral) Have mgt approve plan Explore virtual platforms (on demand) Resources/Books – Tribes, Connected, Contagious Leverage lay leaders – look for role models to become wellness champions (one per location) Align with organization communication systems – leverage THAT to spread word Auto – retweet Creates posts; leverage blogs; Tell stories! Get and share testimonials!

Enhance Career

• • •

Consulting path (create, challenging with billable hours, lack of job security, rely on client decisions) Specialist in an area (finance, injuries, diabetes, data management, MBA) Explore new opportunities with health plans, insurance brokers

CDC Healthier Worksite Initiative Food at Meetings Guidance

• •

CDC Healthier Worksite Initiative

http://www.cdc.gov/hwi Goals – For worksite health promotion to become a part of CDC culture – Increase “healthy days” among CDC employees Strategies – Formative research – Collaboration – – Physical Environment modifications Policy modifications

CDC Workplace Tools and Resources

CDC Workplace Health Promotion Toolkit


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