The lantern festival

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of lanterns
The festival
 A number of youths wear traditional Han
costumes, or hanfu, gathered to take part in a series
of traditional Chinese customs and activities in the
ancient Chinese city. Flying of paper lanterns, etc.
 Chinese Lantern Ornaments
In addition, both large and small lantern displays can
be enjoyed, with some of the zodiac animal displays
reaching around eight meters in size.
 The difference between Tangyuan and Yuanxiao is
the way they are made and cooked. This is because
 People wear traditional and regional DIWALI clothes
on the day of celebration .
One of the quintessential festival of INDIA is DIWALI.
All the families purchase new clothes and go for late
night parties and hang outs.
Besides families also purchase different, beautifull and
ethnically desinged DIWALI clothes .
Tradionally women wear sarees where as men are
known to wear classic yet contemporary kurta and
It is celebrated in the month of October or November.
It is also known as festival of lights. It is celebrated all over India. On
this day, there is a holiday in schools, collages, banks, etc.
 In Chinese Lantern Festival, there has two
traditional foods, Tangyuan and Yuanxiao. The
round shape of the dumpling is a symbol of wholeness,
completeness and comity. Tangyuan’s English name
is named as glue pudding & sweet dumplings.
Yuanxiao’s English name is named as ‘Lantern
 Chinese Lantern Festival food - yuanxiao
 Even in China, many Chinese people consider them
to be the same food, but they are
different certainty.
The difference between Tangyuan and
Yuanxiao is the way they are made and cooked.
 Most Southerners
 Most Southerners
eat and make
Tangyuan, its
making way like
making Jiaozi
[dumplings, they
use wet flour
wrappers to fold
around a filling.
eat and make
Tangyuan, its
making way like
making jiaozi
[dumplings, they
use wet flour
wrappers to fold
around a filling.
 At the very day of the females of the house make
sweets to enjoy the festival and even exchange sweets
with friends and neighbours to make the relationship
more sweet. Diwali can’t be even imagined without
Gulab Jamun ,Gajar Ka Halwa,Besan Ke Ladoo,Karanji
and Jalebis are the most commonly made sweets on
this ocassion.
 There are so many similarities between a popular
festival in India, Diwali, and the Lantern
Festival in China, which is being celebrated
 The spirit of any festival is all about reaching
out, bonding and spreading the light of goodwill,
cheer and happiness, breaking all community
 People invariably give lovely gifts to each other
to celebrate the spirit of the festive occasion.
Diwali festival > Hindu's traditional festival.
 Falls on the one new moon night (Amavasya)
between mid-October and mid-November.
 Mainly observed by:
 Hindus, Sikhs, Jains, Buddhists.
 Significance:
 Celebration of the victory of good over evil; the
uplifting of spiritual darkness.
 Type:
 Religious, India, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Myanmar,
Mauritius, Guyana, Trinidad & Tobago, Surinam,
Malaysia, Singapore, and Fiji (National holiday in
these countries).
 Date:
 Decided by the luni-solar Hindu calendar.
 Observances:
 Prayers, Religious rituals.
Lantern festival
Chinese traditional festival.
 Celebrated on first month 15th of Chinese
Lunar calendar.
 Mainly observed by:
 Chinese, Vietnamese.
 Significance:
 Marks the end of Chinese New Year.
 Type:
 Cultural festival.
 Date:
 15th day of the 1st month (lunisolar year).