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I was born in
Now live in USA
Maria Sanchez
Picture from Home Country
Map of my Home Country
Flag from Home Country and USA
Native Language:
• Language of the US is
mainly English
• Originally from England
• In my home country we
Work and Employment
• In the United States
there are many jobs.
Jobs can be found and
applied for on-line.
• In my home country
there are not many jobs. A job
interview is much more
Money and Banking
• In the United States, we
use the dollar.
• In my home country we
We use the peso.
Medical Care
• In the United States, you
need to pay for medical
care, and the more
money you have the
better care you receive.
• In my home country
Doctor home visits are more
common, and we more often
ask pharmacists for drug advise.
• In the United states
immigrants are often
exploited and targets of
• In my home country
The native indigenous people are
often exploited.
Raising Children
• Children are raised to be
innovators and free
• In my home country,
children are
raised to be polite hard workers
who learn to work as a team.
• Children in the US have
problems with obesity
which can lead to
diabetes, stroke, or heart
• In my home country
children have many different
• The United States is a
Republic with less red
tape and more
influenced by big
• In my home country
our government has similar issues
with corruption.